Road Line Marking

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We have an excellent range of road line marking equipment for painting road surface markings, including line marking machines, fluid paint & aerosol spray paint. Our road line marking equipment is ideal for main roads, motorways, cycle lanes, pedestrian zones, parking spaces & more.


Road Line Marking

Equipment for efficient road surface marking

Road surface markings convey official information, such as instructions, directions, and warnings. These demarcations are essential for the efficiency and safety of our roads, motorways, cycle lanes, pedestrian zones, parking spaces, and more. Road line markings are durable, sharp, bright, and highly visible. Road surface markings include lane lines, edge lines, centre lines, chevrons, intersections, crossings, box junctions, parking bays, and symbols.

Road Line Marking Machines

Efficient line stripers

Road line marking machines paint lines that are crisp, smooth, and straight. They are suitable for all road surfaces, such as asphalt and bare concrete. these hard surface line marking machines are also suitable for car parks, railway platforms, industrial floors, sports grounds, runways, schools, hospitals, and more.

We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machinestransfer wheel line markers, and handheld marking paint applicators. These machines are easy to use, so any contractor or maintenance staff can mark or reline markings.

Road Line Marking Paint

For roads, car parks & more

Our road line marking paint is easy to apply and suitable for use on asphalt and bare concrete indoors and outdoors. We have chlorinated rubber, acrylic, and epoxy paints. They produce sharp, highly visible lines and offer incredible endurance to heavy traffic, weather conditions, and general wear and tear. They are long-lasting and do not damage or fade easily, making them cost-effective and easy to maintain. Permanent liquid line marking paints like these can be applied with a roller, brush, or line marking machine for crisp, straight lines. These paints cure quickly so that they are ready for traffic the same day.

We also have permanent aerosol paints and temporary line marking paint. Aerosols are quick and easy to apply and can be used free-hand or with a handheld applicator. They are fast-drying and do not require any mixing or preparation. Temporary line marking paint is perfect for impromptu or short-term markings, such as events, emergencies, surveys, construction, and utility work. It can be applied quickly and will fade within four weeks, or you can wash it away after use.

We supply the officially prescribed colours for road markings, which are white, yellow, and red. We also have a range of other colours, such as blue, orange, green, and black, which can be used for other applications, such as marking car parks, private roads, playgrounds, runways, work yards, and more.

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