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Temporary Spray Paint

6 x 750ml / 12 x 750ml (7 Colours)
£54.72 (inc VAT)
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  • Eco-Friendly Water-Based Formula
  • Highly Pigmented For Bright Colours
  • 7 Colours Available
  • Vivid & Bright For Approx. 4-6 Weeks
  • Can Be Removed With Brush & Water or Pressure Washer
  • Suitable For Concrete, Tarmac, Grass & Wood
  • Ideal for Sports Days, Events, Surveys & More
  • Sold in Boxes of 6 or 12 Cans

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Temporary Spray Paint

Easy to use aerosol paint for temporary applications

Prosolve temporary spray paint is a high-quality water-based paint. It produces bright, colourful, highly visible lines and marks on many surfaces. You can use this temporary paint indoors or outdoors on concrete, tarmac, asphalt, brick, grass, artificial grass, wood, etc. You can spray the paint onto a surface, and the semi-permanent formula will last approximately 4 - 6 weeks, depending on the weather. You can leave temporary paint to weather away over time or remove it at any time using a brush and water or pressure washer. After removal, the area will be free from paint marks without any hazardous effects.

Versatile Temporary Line Marker Paint

Bight, vivid & colourful

This temporary paint produces bright, colourful and vivid markings. The flexible spray pattern ensures you can carry out different types of marking. This paint is available in many colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue. Prosolve temporary line marking paint is highly pigmented for a bright, bold finish. It is ideal for construction sites, surveys, events, sports days, accident scene marking, car parks, pitch lines, social distancing, road marking, etc.

You can apply this temporary line marking spray paint freehand or with a handheld applicator. You can spray all kinds of marks, shapes, stencils, and signs quickly and easily. You can also use the can in an aerosol line marking applicator for straight and accurate lines.

Please note: This temporary paint is not suitable for use on carpets and fabrics.

Prosolve Temporary Line Marker Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Prosolve Temporary Marking Paint

Drying time: 16 minutes (touch dry)

Size: 750ml cans sold in boxes of 6 or 12

Colours available: Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green, White, Yellow.

Paint Type: Water based (eco-friendly)

Paint Solids: 46.7%

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight

Lines last: Approx 4 - 6 weeks depending on how it is applied, environmental conditions and the amount of traffic the area gets. If allowed to deteriorate in fine conditions, marks could be legible for a couple of months, but it is easily washed away with water or wet weather.



Customer Product Reviews

  • Biodegradable

    good quality bio paint, lasted a full 2 weeks before fading away natually, excellent for temp work like we do just spray and walk away in confidence that it will be gone in the near future

  • temp paint

    temp paint, does what it says, easy to wash away or just leave it to the rain, A+++

  • Temporary Line Marker Spray

    So glad this worked, just finished our event and washed the paint away, what a relief.
    Super product, very friendly staff (Especially Chris)
    All in all a 5 Star Service

  • Temp paint

    Used for floor markings at a local event, the paint lasted the weekend and eventually faded so it was ideal for what we wanted. Great colour selection and you get plenty of paint that should last a while.

  • top gear

    simple spray paint for markings when we're carrying out road works. Cheap and gets the job done

  • Perfect!

    The Pro Solve temporary spray paint is exactly what we were looking for! We used it to spray social distancing signage on our playground and it worked a treat.

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