Two Wheel Line Marking Paint Applicator

£39.50 (ex VAT)

- 2 Wheel line Marking Paint Applicator
- Multi-Purpose Use
- Great for Car Parks, Warehouses, Factories and More
- Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines

The most manoeuvrable wheeled applicator 

Mark Anywhere Easily...

Our two wheeled applicator makes marking all kinds of lines, curves and shapes even easier, and much more comfortable. Great for harder to reach areas, the two wheeled line marker paint applicator allows you to mark effortlessly, using our 750ml line marker paint cans, without having to bend down with and strain your back.


Mark Anything. For any purpose.

Surveying. Construction. Road Works. Utilities... This applicator can do it all.

You can mark anything with the two wheeled applicator. It's great on all surfaces, rough or smooth, so it can be used by in huge range of industries for all kinds of line marking applications. It produces clear and precise 2" wide lines.


The convenient line marking machine

Lighter. Easier. But no less reliable.

The two wheeled applicator is a really easy to use line marking machine. A lightweight and compact design, the two wheeled line marker paint applicator can be used comfortably over longer periods to mark lines and all kinds of marks, shapes and patterns.

Customer Product Reviews
  • 2 wheel roller marker

    i liked this product because the price was very low and we needed to mark cheaply as it was temporary for just one day, this worked very well along with the temp paint, thanks again the show was a success and the car park looked great

  • Does what it says

    Does what it says on the tin so to speak
    stronger and sturdier than it looks i was expecting to throw it away but we will keep hold of this !

  • applicator machine

    I really love this product because its simple and easy to use, lightweight and easy transportable unlike the big ones

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