Playground Line Marking Paint

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We have a fantastic selection of playground line marking paint available to order online. Our playground paints are available in a wide range of colours and formulations. They can be used for creating fun floor designs for games, such as hopscotch markings, or they can be used to line mark sports pitches and courts for football, basketball and tennis. Whether you are looking for long-lasting playground paint or a temporary fix for an event or sports day, that can be washed away at the end of the day, we have what you need!


Playground Line Marking Paint

For marking playgrounds, sports courts & fields

Our range of playground line marking paints includes acrylic line marking aerosol paint. This is a high quality spray line marker, that can be applied to the ground using a choice of easy to use line marking machines. It offers bright colours and easy application. It can be used to mark accurate lines on playgrounds for sports pitches, or it can be used freehand to fill in stencils, to create patterns, shapes and more.

We also have Zebra hard surface paint available in a wide range of colours. This water and acrylic based liquid line marking paint can be applied using Zebra spray machine to get bright, long lasting, crisp lines on playground surfaces. It can also be used by hand, using a brush or roller, in order to paint lines, stencils, shapes, patterns and much more.

Thermoplastic line marking tape can be used to create accurate, precise and long lasting lines on playgrounds. It is ideal for creating lanes and sports pitches. It is designed to laid out over the surface and melted on to the ground using a blow torch.

High-Vis marker paint is an aerosol spray paint that offers extremely bright and fun fluorescent colours. It can be sprayed by hand on to the playground floor in order to fill in number, letter and shape stencils. It offers a durable, highly-visible finish that children will love.

We also have a selection of temporary line marking paints available for playground line marking. Temporary Spray Paint is easy to apply by hand or with a simple line marking applicator. It allows you to mark out all kinds of lines and shapes for games, sports pitches, courts and more. For more professional use, Zebra temporary line marking paint offers bright, clear, crisp playground markings. It is a liquid paint that can be applied by hand with a brush or roller, or using a Zebra spray machine. The key advantage of these paints is that they can be washed from the surface with water and a stiff brush, or a pressure washer, after use. They can be used on any playground floor surface - including concrete and tarmac, as well as grass and artificial grass surfaces such as 3G, 4G and astro turf. They are wonderful playground line marking paints, ideal for sports days and events where you need to be able to remove the lines and marks from the ground at the end of the day.