Industrial Floor Paint

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We have range of high quality, industrial floor paints available online. These heavy-duty floor paints are ideal for coating concrete floors in workshops, garages, warehouses & other busy indoor industrial areas where a safe, robust & easy to clean floor finish is required.


Industrial Floor Paint

Hard-wearing, durable floor coating

Industrial floor paint is a heavy-duty, resilient coating that protects the floors of industrial, commercial, and highly trafficked areas, such as warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, prisons, schools, hospitals, and more. It is durable and offers higher resistance to abrasions compared to standard floor paint. Industrial floor paint can withstand heavy foot traffic, equipment and machinery, dropped tools, and vehicle traffic, such as forklifts and scissor lifts. It also offers resistance to water, oil, and chemical spillages and ingress. These properties mean that it is easy to clean and maintain and is incredibly hygienic.

Industrial floor paint is very cost-effective as it offers excellent coverage, as one litre is sufficient for five to ten square metres of space on average. It is also easy to apply, you can spread it with a roller or brush, and it does not require any specialist equipment. Floor paint is versatile, and it is suitable for covering different surfaces, including concrete. It is formulated to be fast-drying to cure as soon as possible, ready for use, and limiting downtime. Industrial floor paints are suitable for recoating and multiple coats if needed.

We have an excellent range of heavy-duty floor paint, including water-based acrylic, polyurethane, and elastomeric products. These paints offer a long-lasting, high-built, smooth finish for your industrial and commercial floors. Our Flag floor paint contains anti-slip properties, and we also supply ProSolve anti-skid additives, so that you can ensure a safe and healthy environment.