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Coo-Var Power Floated Floor Primer

5 Kilograms
£137.94 (inc VAT)
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  • Water Based & Solvent Free Epoxy Two Pack Primer
  • Eliminates Need for Costly Shot Blasting or Grinding
  • Assists Adhesion of Topcoat
  • Low Odour & Fast Drying
  • Recommended for Use Under Profloor or Profloor Plus
  • Suitable for Concrete Surfaces
  • Semi Gloss Finish

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Coo-Var Power Floated Floor Primer

Two pack epoxy primer for power floated floors

Coo-Var Power Floated Floor Primer is a water based two pack epoxy primer designed for application to power floated floors. Assists adhesion on clean, laitance free power floated floors and eliminates the need for costly shot blasting or grinding. It should be diluted with 10% water for application. To assist the adhesion of PROFLOOR and PROFLOOR PLUS floor paints to power floated floors. Ideal in areas where organic solvents are banned. Low odour. Floors must be completely laitance free, if for any reason residual laitance is present then this should be removed by using Coo-Var Acid Etch first.

  • Application: Brush or Shortpile Roller
  • Drying time: Touch Dry 2-3 hours or 16 hours hard dry
  • Estimated Coverage: 7-10m² per Kg

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from contaminants. Should there be any residual laitance present then this must be removed. This should be done chemically using Coo-Var Acid Etch (see Acid Etch data sheet for details). New concrete must be allowed to cure thoroughly which can take up to 3 months. Other surfaces have to be prepared and primed with the suitable primer for that substrates. If in doubt please contact Coo-Var Technical Services

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. Do not apply if the temperature is likely to drop below 10 °C during application or during the drying process. In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Preceding Coat

Apply Direct

Subsequent Coat

Coo-Var Profloor Floor Paint, Coo-Var Profloor Plus


Height: 23.5 CM
Width: 18.5 CM
Depth: 18.5 CM
Weight: 5.95 KG
Paper: 4 Grams
Plastic: 6 Grams
Steel: 39 Grams
UN Number: 3082
Packing Group: III
Hazard Class: 9
Flashpoint: 0
Commodity Code: 32100090
GHS Haz Code: PAA3
SDS Ref: 120/W223/1 - BASE


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