Car Park Line Marking Kit

£187.20 (ex VAT)

- Everything You Need to Get Started
- Robust 4 Wheel line Marking Machine
- Box of 12 Acrylic Paints (12 Cans)
- Great for Car Parks, Warehouses, Factories and More
- Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines
- High Pigment, Long-Wearing Paint


Line Marking Machine: Sharpliner Deluxe 4 Wheel
Line Marking Paint: Acrylic (Box of 12 x 750ml Cans)

Professional Car Park Line Marking Kit

All the line marking kit you need to get started at a discounted price.

Our Car Park Line Marking Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to begin marking your own car park, warehouse, factory and much more. Included in the Car Park Line Marking Starter Kit are the Sharpliner Deluxe 4 Wheel Line Marking Machine and one box of Acrylic Line Marker Paint. Our car park line marking kit is excellent quality and great value line marking option, as you get high-quality line marking equipment at a discount price.

Tough Line Marking Machine

Sharpliner. For sharp lines, every time.

The Sharpliner 4 wheel line marking machine is a tough and robust line marking machine – it is designed to withstand knocks and bumps. This tough design gives makes the Sharpliner an extremely reliable line marking machine, capable of marking high quality, straight, extremely well defined lines every time.

High Quality Line Marking Paint

For professional standard line marking.

Our acrylic line marking paint is packed with pigment, to give you bright, long lasting lines which won't wear away quickly and won't wash away in the rain. This line marking paint comes in boxes of 12 and it is available in a range of colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue.

Please note: This offer includes one box of acrylic line marking paint (12 cans per box). Please specify which colour you require using the Paint Colour selection box. Available colours: white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue.

Customer Product Reviews
  • Quality machine and paint

    left perfect lines and the paint seemed to go on and on and on , well worth the price compared to the budget stuff we used last year, machine is so easy to keep in a straight line too wish is the main thing you need in a marker

  • Car park sharpliner kit

    was happy to see the sharpliner machine in a package, saved money and got the goods i was looking for , nice change for online shopping

  • "Car Park Line Marking Kit"

    Goods cme next day very impressed but the paint was not the colour i ordered however they sent the rigt paint the day later and i was told to keep the original...very good service indeed
    marking went to plan, car park looks great and we even used the paint they sent in error in the end so quids in , thanks for sorting the issue so quickly

  • Adjustable lines

    Adjustable lines..enough said!
    cant do that on the other machines well worth the sale price just for this feature JJ

  • The Best!!

    Ive done some car parks in my time and this is by far the best applicator i have used, i would suggest upgrading the paint to Sharpliner paint as that stuff is amazing
    the 750 paint included is good but the sharpliner paint is better

  • Carpark Kit

    delivered next day, im looking forward to using this applicator kit

  • Tennis Courts

    Ordered this for my husband, he was happy with it and the courts looks fresh again.
    the paint colors swap over easy and the paint can be used by hand too for the stencils we ordered
    and free delivery !!

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