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Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Bundle

Zebra Eco Machine & 40L Paint
£1,164.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Includes a Zebra Eco Machine & 40L Hard Surface Paint
  • Compact & easy to use line marking system
  • Produces accurate, bright & durable lines
  • Everything needed to mark car parks, prepped industrial floors & more

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Compact & Easy To Use: Ideal for amateurs or professionals

High Pressure Spray System: Consistent paint delivery and excellent coverage over the floor surface

Battery Powered: Line Mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge

Side Mounted Spray: Mark right up to kerbs & walls without any problems

Square Line Marking Discs: For crisp and accurate line edges on hard surfaces

Selection of Nozzles: Control the paint flow rate & complete different types of line marking jobs

Large Air Filled Tyres: Sturdy & reliable operation

Professional Line Marking Paint: Bright, clear and durable lines

Accessories Available: Can be used with a handheld spray lance for freehand marking (available separately)


Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Bundle

All the essential line marking equipment you need in one great deal

The Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Bundle provides all the essential line marking equipment you need to line mark your own car parks, prepped industrial floors or hard sports courts. This package deal includes a Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine, along with 40 litres of Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint together. This line marking deal offers professional standard results, excellent ease of use for operators of any level, and great value for money.

Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine

Simple & effective spray line marker

The Zebra Eco line marker included in this bundle is designed to be a compact and easy to use line marking machine. It makes professional standard car park line marking, industrial floor line marking and hard sports court line marking available to everyone. No matter your previous level of line marking experience - whether you are a professional contractor or an amateur - you can use the Zebra Eco line marking machine to spray sharp, clear, high quality lines on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.

This line marking machine is made in Britain and it features a high pressure spray system powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery provides enough power to line mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge - so you can complete even large jobs without having to stop.

This system uses specially designed nozzles that come included with the machine. The spray and nozzles ensure consistent paint coverage over the surface and the square discs which surround the nozzle ensure a crisp and precise finish to the line. These discs can be adjusted quickly in order to set the line width that you require. The paint spray is controlled by the simple flick of a switch and the side-mounted position of the spray allows you to line mark right up against curbs and walls easily.

An optional spray lance attachment is also available, which allows for free-hand marking and spraying of stencils, patterns, logos, numbers and letters. It is perfect for numbering bays and spraying signs on to the ground.

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint

Perfectly formulated for car parks, industrial floors, hard sports courts & more

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint is a high quality acrylic based line marking paint, formulated in the UK. It produces bright, colourful and durable lines on concrete and tarmac surfaces. This paint can be applied indoors or outdoors and it is perfect for car park line marking, industrial floor line marking, hard sports court line marking and more.

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint comes supplied ready to use - there is no need for diluting, mixing or pouring the paint. This reduces waste and mess, and makes the job much easier. Simply shake the paint container, place it on the Zebra Eco line marking machine, insert the pump probe into the paint container, prime the pump and you are ready to go!

This line marking bundle deal comes with 40 litres of Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint, in your choice of colour - white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green and black. Colour match is also available - simply enquire via telephone or online live chat with our sales team to find out more. Applied using the Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine, this system uses less paint than traditional line marking systems or aerosol systems, saving money, but providing deep, rich and professional lines.

Please note: You can select your paint colour option using the drop down box above and checkout online. If you wish to customise your bundle with a mix of paint colours (eg. 10L white, 10L yellow, 10L blue, 10L red) or you wish to colour match - simply give our sales team a call and we will be able to customise your order to your requirements.

For best results, shake the paint container before use. At the end of each line marking job, clean the Zebra Eco pump system and nozzles with water and Zebra Flush Thru cleaning solution to prevent blockages and prolong the life of the equipment. A small 1 litre bottle of Flush Thru comes included with the machine. Extra 10L bottles of Flush Thru can are available separately. You can also add a set of round discs to your order which make the Zebra Eco machine suitable for line marking on grass. (You will need to use the machine with Zebra Grass Paint to line mark on grass surfaces).

Results may vary depending on surface and suitable preparation may be required to achieve the best results. Please contact the sales team for assistance with your specific application.


Zebra Eco Machine Dimensions:
Height at the lowest setting: 87 cm
Height at the highest setting: 107 cm
Length at the shortest setting: 84 cm
Length at the Longest setting: 104 cm
Width without the side arm: 47 cm
Width with the side arm: 100 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Warranty: 12 months

What's In The Box

Zebra Eco Line Marking Machine
8 x 5L Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint
Square discs for hard surface line marking
1L Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner
Tub of Zebra spray nozzles
Charger cable

Optional Extras:
10L Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner
Round Discs For Grass Line Marking
Handheld Spray Lance With Control Valve & Hose For Freehand Marking


Customer Product Reviews

  • Hard Surface Marking Package

    This is a smart set up, used it around 15 times now and it's still brilliant as day one.
    The flush thru works great, don't forget to order this as the machine cleans its self if you use this :-)
    Back for more paint and flush thru, thanks again LMP
    hopefully delivery is next day like last time :-)

  • Zebra doo

    Does what it says on the tin...then some! what a machine
    packing was nicely done on a pallet and delivery took 2 days from placing the order
    i must say, this is a very smart unit, nice materials and well made ..that's UK build quality at its finest

  • Hard surface line marking bundle

    This is my machine of choice for quality hard surface line marking. I've been in the industry for decades and The Zebra Eco has been my favourite line marking machine to date. The system is just easy to use and gives excellent results.

  • .

    Big fan of the zebra machines. Nice package deal.

  • manager

    we bought this bundle as a solution for our faded hard surface lines both indoors and outdoors at our workplace. it did everything we required and I even use it to mark my sons football team pitches with the grass paint. so win win!!!

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