Warehouse Line Marking

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We have a range of warehouse line marking machines & paints available online. Our industrial floor line marking equipment allows you to plan out walkways, traffic flow, storage areas, safety & hazard warnings & more. We supply a versatile selection of line markers & vibrant paints for colour coded, regulated markings.


Warehouse Line Marking

Ensure safety & efficiency on-site

Warehouse line marking machines allow you to draw out walkways, storage areas, safety and hazard warnings, emergency exits, and other demarcations that contribute to a safe and efficient industrial area. We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machines, and transfer wheel line markers with a massive fluid and spray paint range. 

Warehouse Line Marking Machines

Efficient line markers for accurate lines

These machines are suitable for industrial flooring in warehouses, factories, workshops, garages, and more, ensuring the safety and efficiency of a business and its employees. They produce high-quality line markings that are sharp, accurate, bright, and hard-wearing, so they can last for long periods, saving you money on maintenance.

Warehouse Line Marking Paint

For marking bold & durable lines

Warehouse line marking paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors. You can apply it to almost any surfaces, including concrete, metal, wood, epoxy, vinyl, and painted flooring, with lasting results. We have acrylic line marking floor paints and acrylic spray paints that produce hard-wearing, durable lines that can withstand heavy traffic and offer longevity. The highly pigmented colours are bright and vibrant, offering excellent visibility and making them clearly identifiable.

We offer a great selection of vibrant colours, including white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, black, and vi-vis paints. The variety allows you to line mark colour coded and designated sections with ease, ensuring that all areas are easily distinguishable. Warehouse line marking paint will not fade from their original colour or blend with another colour as long as they are correctly applied.

Suggested floor marking colour scheme

  • Yellow: Walkways, aisle ways, work cells, traffic flow, hatched areas, and parking bays.
  • White or Grey: equipment storage and racking.
  • Blue, Green or Black: Materials and components (raw, in-progress, finished goods).
  • Orange: items held for inspection.
  • Red: defects, scrap, rework and red tag areas
  • Black and Yellow: cautions and safety hazards.
  • Black and White: keep clear for operational purposes.
  • Red and White: keep clear for safety compliance.

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