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Sharpliner Deluxe 4 Wheel Line Marking Paint Applicator


Paint: Sharpliner 600ml Paint Cans
Ideal For: Hard Surface Line Marking - Car Parks, Warehouses, Factories, Pavements, Roads, Play Areas etc.

Sharp Lines. Every Time.

Sharpliner - It's in the name.

The Sharpliner 4 wheel applicator is a robust line marking paint applicator, designed for use with our range of 600ml Sharpliner line marking paints. The Sharpliner 4 wheel applicator is durable and reliable line marking system. This sturdy design helps to create high quality, straight lines for car parks, warehouses, factories events, play areas and more.


The simple line marking machine

Mark your own car park, warehouse or factory easily

Why pay a professional to line mark your car park when you can do it yourself so easily, without breaking the bank? The Sharpliner 4 wheel applicator is designed to make line marking easy for anyone. With its easy grip handle, large wheels, guide arrow and tough design, the Sharpliner line marking machine makes marking straight, accurate lines so simple. Extra features such as a pinch lock for adjusting the width of the lines that the machine produces, and a carrier for extra paint cans, make the Sharpliner applicator a really convenient line marking system to use.


Stripe anywhere with ease

Car Parks. Warehouses. Factories. Sports Fields. Play Areas...

The tough, stable design of the Sharpliner line marking applicator makes it ideal for marking wherever you need it! Whether you need to mark out a parking bays in a car park, product zones in a warehouse, safety areas on a factory floor or a football pitch on a grass field, the Sharpliner is perfect for the job.

  Customer Product Reviews…
  • Deluxe 4

    Very good machine i would definitely recommend it, produced nice straight lines without the need for masking up before hand,worked both on our sports field and the car park, gone away until next year now

  • Marker machine

    produced smooth finish and could change with of lines easy when desired, worked great on our rough surface due to the wheels

  • ££££

    Saved a fortune using this machine so happy we called you now , thanks again
    ..for people reading Do it yourself, we saved £400! and have the machine to keep

    Karl T
  • Paint Line Machine

    Sturdy build and easy to use on hard warehouse floor surface and rougher car park surface. The paint to go in it was reasonably priced too and I've still got a bit left for next time.

    Warehouse Solutions

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Sharpliner Deluxe 4 Wheel Line Marking Paint Applicator