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Soppec was founded in the 1960s, as a company that manufactured paints, varnishes and wood maintenance products. Since the 1990s, the Sopec has focused on the production and sale of high quality aerosol marking paints.



Quality aerosol line marking products

Whether used to structure space, delimit an area or to optimise traffic flows,the domains where efficient and effective line marking is essential are both wideand varied. These can range from factories and warehouses where they are needed to ensure current labour regulations are respected and to improve safety by reducing transport risks, to marking-out sports fields or private car parks.

The Soppec range of aerosol line marking products is designed to meet all these needs with its purpose-designed application accessories and aerosol spray paints.

To facilitate the application of the paint, Soppec offers a complete range of line marking applicators that adapt to all surfaces. These products are suitable for pitch line marking, car park line marking, construction & survey marking & more!