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Line Marking Paint Sports Hub

Sports Hub

Here at Line Marking Paint we understand the importance of the perfect pitch. Distinct and accurate line markings not only establishes clearly defined boundaries and areas of play, but it is also essential for the safety, organisation and communication between players, coaches and officials. Freshly painted and precise line marking creates a visually appealing environment for players and spectators alike, it is the cornerstone of our love for sports.

From 3G, 4G, artificial and astro turf surfaces to natural grass and hard courts, our machines are designed to create clean, crisp and durable line markings for any sports court or pitch. With premium machines ranging from lightweight handheld and wheel transfer applicators to deluxe battery-powered machines, you can transform any old surface to a polished and professional sports facility with ease and efficiency.

The Future Of Line Marking Is Here!

We are proud to introduce our new range of GPS line marking machines and robots. Where Swiss accuracy meets the latest GPS technology, the possibilities of swift, precise and effortless line marking are endless. Straight from premium SWOZI manufacturing, the new line includes manual basic marking trolleys, ride-on solutions for bigger jobs, semi-autonomous with GPS or laser tracker, or totally autonomous GPS line marking robots that with self-drive installed.

The GPS marking solutions are designed to offer the ultimate convenience and flexibility for any sports line marking application, from small amateur courts to entire stadiums. Our GPS marking machines offer the highest quality and the highest accuracy with over 100 field templates to choose from. Not only do our GPS machines reduce the time taken by traditional applicators by up to 75%, but the paint consumption is also significantly reduced, as not a drop is wasted thanks to the intelligent laser system installed.

Rugby, Football & American Football

It may come as a surprise that the ball is the only common feature between football, rugby and American football. The three sports differ in almost every other aspect with distinctions between field dimensions, pitch patterns and markings, each requiring varying degrees of detail and specific line marking equipment. We offer a variety of line marking machines and specialist paints that are suitable for any ball-based game, each promising a premium paint finish with an easy application.

Rugby ball close up on pitch in rugby match


From rugby league to union, we supply a fantastic range of line marking machines and paint suitable for all fields and budgets. We have created a helpful blog to outline the specific dimensions of a rugby pitch, packed with diagrams, line breakdowns, paint quantity approximations, and fun facts to help you get the ball rolling.

Our rugby pitch line marking category highlights our top paint and applicator picks for creating a premium rugby pitch. We recommend any of our battery-powered spray line markers, particularly our Zebra Pro grass line marking machine which is specifically designed with advanced features to offer a superior paint application for the entire length of the field. We offer the Zebra Pro as part of a bundle including 40L of premium grass paint to produce vibrant, precise and durable lines. Despite the number of scruffs and turned up grass your field endures, we guarantee that our line marking paint will last the season.

Football on pitch in empty stadium


Arguably the world’s most famous sport, football has a memorable pitch pattern that is recognisable around the globe. However, this means that getting the lines spot on is crucial. Our blogs outline the specific dimensions of a football pitch and the equipment required, including a step-by-step guide for marking a football pitch. Our Football Pitch Line Marking range showcases our favourite line marking machines, paints and applicators trusted to transform any turf or surface into a world-cup worthy football pitch.

Our Zebra Lux line marking machine is a fan favourite from Sunday league to Premier, the Zebra Lux is the ultimate pitch marking system for real grass or artificial turf. Its high-pressure spray system produces bright, crisp and precise lines that are easily visible by the furthest spectator. The simple push button operation allows you to walk alongside the machine at your own pace whilst the Zebra Lux does all the work. The battery-powered motor supports rapid line marking for hours on a single charge, so you can finish your football pitch in an entire afternoon.

American footballer catching American football

American Football

Though by nature American football is a fusion of association football and English rugby, it has a particularly unique pitch. Its distinctive gridiron layout and intricate play designs means that the dimensions of an American football field must be marked out just right. The Zebra Pro or the Zebra Eco grass line marking machines are both excellent choices for applications on natural grass, 3G, 4G or artificial turf. Paired with Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint, you can soon achieve a football field as fresh and professional as the NFL.

Tennis grass & hard court

Our machines, equipment and specialist paints allow you to apply straight, sharp and precise lines so you can confidently call if the ball is in or out. With our Tennis Court Line Marking range, you can choose between a range of handheld and wheel transfer applicators to best suit your specific needs. With our hard court and grass line marking systems, such as our 4 wheel applicator or Ampere striper machine, plus our Zebra hard surface line marking paint, you can create vibrant solid lines to define easily distinguishable boundary and service lines (making the life of the Line Judge that little bit easier!)

Whether indoors or outdoors, our specialist durable line marking paint guarantees long-lasting results, creating high-quality courts designed to withstand the rigors of regular play in all weather conditions. Besides significantly reducing the frequency of re-marking, our premium paints and equipment enable an effortless and speedy application, so you can enjoy your Wimbledon-ready court in no time. Remember to check out our blog on the dimensions of a tennis court to find out everything you will need to know.

Tennis balls and shuttlecocks on courts


Speed is the key to any racquet sport, and this is especially true to badminton. With the shuttlecock reaching speeds of +200-mph, the dimensions of a badminton court are meticulously designed to leave no room for error. To ensure the level of precision and accuracy required by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), all lines must be applied with the highest quality paint. Using our line marking paint calculator, you can find a precise estimate tailored of the litres of paint required for your specific badminton court dimensions. The typical synthetic or hardwood hard surface type of a badminton court requires a specialist applicator, such as any of our transfer wheel line markers, or our Zebra Pro hard surface line marking machine if you are looking for a premium professional finish.

Batsman playing cricket shot with Wicket Keeper behind stumps


Unlike tennis and other racquet sports, cricket is a game of distances. This includes the length of the pitch, the distance between the creases, and the positioning of the players. It is not just about hitting the ball; it is about where the ball lands. Maintaining crisp, clean and visible lines from yards away is crucial for any cricket match. To achieve the level of perfection necessary for marking out the dimensions of a cricket pitch, we recommend firstly using the Pitchmark Marking Out Kit and then applying with the Zebra Pro Grass Line Marking machine for the best results for a pitch with neatly cropped natural grass. For artificial pitches, we supply a selection of 3G Pitch Line Marking machines that are trusted to create the cleanest creases.

Basketball on court floor

Netball & Basketball

Netball and basketball alike are sports of strategy. From precise passes to calculated interceptions, the ball sports require a court as precise and accurate as the players. Both sports are typically played on hard court surfaces. Whether indoors or outdoors, the dimensions, boundaries and other line markings remain the same. Our Zebra heavy-duty hard surface line marking paint paired with the Zebra Lux hard surface line marking machine makes marking the lines a breeze so you can get your game on in no time. For events and tournaments, we recommend trying out our ProSolve Temporary Spray Paint Bundle. The bundle is designed to create line markings that can be removed as quickly and easily as applied once the fun and games are over.

Athletics track lanes

Athletic tracks

From track and field events like sprinting and long-jumps to cross-country running, Athletics covers a wide array of activities that are each recognisable by their intricate line marking designs. Each individual line demarcates where a sportsperson must stand or start from, so it is vital that all lines are spot on! Our helpful blog outlines the dimensions of an athletics stadium, including a detailed breakdown of each activity with an approximation of the paint quantities required.

An athletic track is typically made of synthetic materials such as rubber or polyurethane to provide good traction and shock absorption. If you wish to line mark this material, you should opt for any of the paints and materials features in our hard surface line marking range, particularly the Zebra Lux Running Track Line Marking Boom. We also recommend taking a look at our Thermoplastic Line Marking range, choosing the correct colour and applicator type most suitable for you. Thermoplastic line tape creates bright, highly pigmented and durable lines with a fast turnaround time – a great option for hosting multiple events on one track!

Kids on race start line

On A Budget?

Are you looking to organise a sports event or mini tournament for your students or community, but you are lacking the facilities and general know-how? Not to worry, there’s no need to become a sports fanatic overnight, you can find all you need to know from our helpful blogs, from fun facts to specific dimensions and individual markings required for each sport. Now offering our new Budget Line Marking Kit, equipped with everything you need to create the perfect pitch or court and throw the sports event of the year!

For temporary sports courts and pitches, the Pitchmark Professional Initial Marking Out Kit will supply you with everything you need to string out a pitch, whilst the ProSolve temporary spray paint bundle or alternative handheld kit allows you spray highly pigmented lines on any surface. Amazingly, the paint can be washed away as quickly and easily as it is applied.