Temporary Line Marking Kit

£84.50 (ex VAT)

- Includes Handheld Paint Applicator
- Includes Box of 12 Paints
- Multi-Purpose Use
- Great for Excavations, Construction Work, Sports Days and More
- Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines

Line Marking Machine: Hand Held Applicator
Line Marking Paint: Temporary (Box of 12 x 750ml)

The Temporary Line Marking Kit

Temporary line marking equipment at a discounted price.

Our Temporary Line Marking Kit provides you with everything you need to begin marking all kinds of temporary lines, marks, shapes and stencils in car parks, warehouses, play areas and much more. A hand held applicator and one box of Temporary Line Marker Paint is included in this kit. This kit is an excellent quality and great value line marking option, as you get high quality line marking equipment at a discount price.


A simple freehand line marking applicator

For marking lines, shapes, stencils and more!

Our hand held line marking applicator is ideal for marking all kinds of lines, marks and shapes freehand, as well as for spraying stencil designs on to all kinds of surfaces. With a simple squeeze of the trigger you can accurately spray line marking paint wherever it is needed with no mess or fuss.


Temporary line marking paint

Ideal for a range of temporary applications.

Our temporary line marker paint is designed to produce highly visible temporary lines and marks on a range of surfaces. Ideal for indicating areas of excavation, events, sports days, construction work and accident scene marking, our temporary line marker paint has a life of approximately four weeks (under dry weather conditions) Although, our temporary line marker paint can also be washed away when needed with a brush and water. After removal, the area will be free from unsightly paint marks.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer includes one box of temporary line marking paint (12 cans per box). Please specify which colour you require using the Paint Colour selection box. Available colours: white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue.

Customer Product Reviews
  • Bio paint

    worked great for our event, paint wore out naturally after about 13 days which was great or id a had to wash it off! applicator worked perfectly bit like a silicon gun

  • temporary kit

    actually upgraded the applicator to the 2 wheel machine due to a back issue and it worked great, washed the paint off 24 hours later with water and a brush, very easy! nice idea was perfect

  • Line mark Kit

    Worked as described, used to park cars at our pop-up restaurant the lines last the 10 days then washed its self off in the rain! couldn't have worked out better!!

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