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Zebra Eco Artificial Grass Line Marking Bundle

Zebra Eco Machine & 40L Paint
£1,070.00 £1,287.00 save 16% £1,284.00 (inc VAT)
  • Includes a Zebra Eco Machine & 40L Artificial Grass Paint
  • Compact & easy to use line marking system
  • Produces crisp, bright & durable lines
  • Everything you need to mark sports pitches on artificial grass
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Compact & Easy To Use: Ideal for amateurs

High Pressure Spray System: Consistent paint delivery and excellent coverage over the surface

Battery Powered: Line Mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge

Round Line Marking Discs: For crisp and accurate line edges

Selection of Nozzles: Control the paint flow rate & complete different types of line marking jobs

Large Air Filled Tyres: Sturdy & reliable operation

Specially Formulated Line Marking Paint: Specifically designed for use on artificial grass

Range of Paint Colours Available: Mark out lines for all kinds of different sports pitches

Accessories Available: Can be used with a handheld spray lance for freehand marking (available separately)


Zebra Eco Artificial Grass Line Marking Bundle

All the essentials for line marking lines on synthetic pitches

The Zebra Eco Artificial Grass Line Marking Bundle offers all the essential line marking equipment needed to mark out lines on artificial grass surfaces at a great price!

This deal includes a Zebra Eco Grass Line Marking Machine, along with 40 litres of Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint together with free delivery. This line marking system offers professional line marking results, excellent ease of use and great value for money.

It is perfect for marking out football pitches, rugby pitches, American football pitches, hockey pitches and much more on synthetic grass surfaces such as artificial grass, astro turf, 3G, 4G and 5G. This bundle is perfect for sports clubs, leisure centres, schools & other facilities with synthetic grass pitches.

Zebra Eco Grass Line Marking Machine

The compact & easy to use professional line marker

The Zebra Eco Grass Line Marking Machine is designed to provide a compact and easy to use solution to sports pitch line marking. It is a high quality piece of equipment, made in Britain, and it features a high pressure spray system powered by a rechargeable battery.

The battery provides enough power to line mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge - so you can complete multiple pitch markings without having to stop. The high pressure paint spray uses specially designed nozzles that come included with the machine. The spray and nozzles ensure consistent paint coverage over the surface and the round discs which surround the nozzle ensure clean and precise edges to the lines. These discs can be adjusted quickly in order to set the line width that you require.

The paint spray is controlled by the simple flick of a switch and the robust frame and large wheels ensure that the machine marks accurately from start to finish. The uncomplicated operation of this line marking machine allows anyone to get professional standard line marking results. Whether you are a professional groundsperson or a complete amateur, you can use the Zebra Eco line marking machine to spray sharp, crisp and accurate lines on grass and artificial grass surfaces.

An optional handheld spray lance attachment is also available, which allows for free-hand marking and spraying of features such as penalty spots, stencils, patterns, logos, numbers and letters. You can add this to your order using the tick box above.

Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint

Bright, colourful & durable pitch lines

Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint is a high quality line marker, specifically developed to provide bright, colourful and long-lasting sports pitch lines on synthetic turf surfaces such as plastic pitches, astro turf, 3G, 4G and 5G.

The paint is available in a range of colours - white yellow, red blue, green, orange and black. So whether you need to mark out football pitches, rugby pitches, hockey pitches or American football pitches on artificial grass - this paint provides all the colour options needed.

With Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint, there is no need for diluting, mixing or pouring the paint. It comes ready to use! This reduces waste and mess, and makes the job much easier. Simply shake the paint container, place it on the Zebra Eco line marking machine, insert the pump probe into the paint container, prime the pump and you are ready to go!

This line marking bundle deal comes with 40 litres of Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint - you can select the colour you require using the drop down box above.

Please note: If you wish to customise your line marking bundle with a mix of paint colours (eg. 10L white, 10L yellow, 10L blue, 10L red) - simply give our sales team a call and we will be able to customise your order to your requirements.

For best results, shake the paint container before use. At the end of each line marking job, clean the Zebra Eco pump system and nozzles with water and Zebra Flush Thru cleaning solution to prevent blockages and prolong the life of the equipment. A small 1 litre bottle of Flush Thru comes included with the machine. Extra 10L bottles of Flush Thru can are available separately. You can also add a set of square discs to your order, which make the Zebra Eco machine suitable for line marking on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. (Zebra Hard Surface Paint will be needed to line mark on hard surfaces).


Zebra Eco Machine Dimensions:
Height at the lowest setting: 87 cm
Height at the highest setting: 107 cm
Length at the shortest setting: 84 cm
Length at the Longest setting: 104 cm
Width without the side arm: 47 cm
Width with the side arm: 100 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Warranty: 12 months

What's In The Box

Zebra Eco Line Marking Machine
4 x 10L Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint
Round discs for grass & artificial grass line marking
1L Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner
Tub of Zebra spray nozzles
Charger cable

Optional Extras:
10L Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner
Square Discs For Hard Surface Line Marking
Handheld Spray Lance With Control Valve & Hose For Freehand Marking


Customer Product Reviews

  • Zebra Eco

    By far the best marking system on the market and ive used most in my some 30+ years at this company.
    Very well built, British in fact, they go straight as a dye as very very well balanced, the paint is outstanding averaging 250m per 1L which is more than advertised!!
    I cannot fault this system.

  • Marker bundle

    Great package, nice saving, top quality


    Delivered next day on the pallet, thanks

  • Good package deal

    This is a good value line marking package for me. You get a top quality machine with enough paint to see you through some work and save on the delivery. Can't complain when you save that kind of money.

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