Playground Line Marking

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We have a fantastic selection of playground line marking machines & paint available online. They can be used for creating fun, colourful, bold floor designs for games, such as hopscotch & duck duck goose, or they can be used to line mark fitness trails, sports pitches & courts for football, basketball, tennis & more.


Playground Line Marking

Fun, colourful outdoor surface paint for children

We have different playground line marking equipment suited to various applications, experience levels, and budgets. You can order the machine you need along with compatible fluid or spray paint. They are ideal for marking fun games, patterns, and teaching aids on playgrounds, such as hopscotch, duck duck goose, tag bases, chess, mazes, fitness trails, clocks, alphabets, number grids, and more.

Playground Line Marking Machines

Easy to use, quick to master

We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machinestransfer wheel line markers, and handheld marking paint applicators. These machines are easy to use, so any ground staff or caretaker can use them to mark and maintain different markings that children can play on safely.

Playground Line Marking Paint

Colourful, vibrant floor paint

We have permanent fluid hard surface line marking paint and line marking aerosol paint. These paints are fast drying and easy to apply. You can use them all to mark fun lines and games on playgrounds, sports pitches, or fill in stencils, create patterns, shapes, and more.

We also have temporary line marking paint and temporary spray paint. Washable paint is easy to apply and can be used on any playground floor surface, including concrete, tarmac, grass, and artificial grass surfaces such as 3G, 4G and astro turf. They are lovely playground line marking paints, ideal for sports days and events where you need to remove the lines and marks from the ground at the end of the day.