Washable White Spray Paint

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We offer high quality washable white spray paint in aerosol cans - suitable for a range of applications. You can easily paint grass, concrete, metal, glass & wood surfaces for marking roads, car parks, construction sites, social distancing areas, event spaces, sports pitches, accident scenes & more.


Washable White Spray Paint

Temporary, wash off spray paint for all applications

Temporary spray paint is ideal for making lines and other markings on all surfaces, including grass, concrete, metal, wood, and more. It results in non-permanent but highly visible, vibrant markings that are perfect for roads, car parks, construction sites, social distancing, surveys, events, sports days, accident scenes, and more. The flexible pattern that it produces ensures that various types of marking can be carried out easily. This washable white spray paint is highly pigmented for bright, high-quality finish markings and has an expected service life of approximately four weeks, with dry weather conditions. Our temporary white marking paint is available in packs of 12 x 750ml cans.

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