Line Marking Paint

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We have high quality line striping paints suitable for any surface or application. Whether you need to paint lines indoors or outdoors, on concrete, tarmac, asphalt, grass or wooden surfaces, we can supply a suitable paint. Ideal for painting car parks, industrial floor lines, road lines, sports pitches, survey & events markings and more. Our range includes water based, epoxy and chlorinated rubber paints, as well as thermoplastic, aerosol paints and temporary paints.

Line Marking Paint

High quality line marker paints for any application or budget

We have a wide range of line striping paints available to order online or over the phone with our sales team. Our range covers everything from permanent, semi-permanent and temporary paints, as well as acrylic, epoxy and chlorinated rubber formulations.

Line marking paints can be used indoors and outdoors on all kinds of different surfaces, for all kinds of different applications. We have paints suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, asphalt and wooden floors, and paints for grass and artificial grass surfaces. They can be used for painting car park lines, road lines, warehouse floor lines, sports pitches, courts, survey markings & much more.

Our liquid paints can be applied by hand using a roller or brush. Aerosol spray paints can also be applied manually by hand. We also have a range of line marking machines available, for straight and accurate results. Ideal for painting lines for car parks, warehouses, sports pitches & more.

What paint do you use for line marking?

Specialist line marker paints should be used for line marking, to provide the durability, bright colours and ease of application required. We offer a great range of options from top brands.

Line Marking Spray Paint

Aerosol line marking spray paint offers a simple and effective method of marking hard surfaces, grass sports pitches and spot marking for surveys and events. It can be applied by hand or using a suitable applicator, for straight lines and easier application. This fast-drying paint is available in a wide range of colours and formulations. Zebra line marking spray paint offers a great budget friendly option.

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Thermoplastic lines are mostly used for road marking and car mark marking. It comes in rolls of tape which can be rolled out over the ground, cut to size and then heated using a blow torch to melt it on to the ground. This provides a simple, mess free and long-lasting finish.

Road Line Paint

Tough and durable paints such as Prosolve Chlorinated Rubber Paint offer a great option for road line marking. Applied using a brush or roller, this paint offers great resistance to wear, weather and chemicals. It is available in a wide range of bright and highly visible colours.

Car Park Marking Paint

Whether you are a small business, community centre or school looking for a cost-effective way of painting your own car park lines, or whether you are a contractor looking for a professional car park line paint, we can provide a suitable solution. Aerosol paints such as acrylic line marking spray paint offer a great budget option, while Coo-Var Acrylic Line Marking Paint offers a professional solution.

Grass Pitch Marking Paint

We have a huge selection of sports pitch marking paints available, for clubs and teams of all sizes. Our range includes aerosol spray paints, which provide a great budget option for private use, kids clubs, schools and more. We also offer professional standard paints used by Premier League football clubs.

Is line marker paint permanent?

Paint for line marking is available in permanent, semi-permanent and temporary formulations. Permanent paints such as epoxy or rubber-based paints provide the most durable, hard-wearing lines on hard surfaces such as tarmac and asphalt. Acrylic and water-based paints offer a budget friendly semi-permanent option - and they can be used on grass. Temporary marker paints are great for events and surveys - these lines can be washed away after use.

How long do line markings last?

How long your lines last will depend on the type of paint used, the condition of the surface and the application technique. The amount of wear and exposure to weather will also affect the markings. Temporary paints tend to last 4-6 weeks (weather and wear dependent) or they can be washed away at any time. Semi permanent aerosol paints can last from 6 months - 2 years depending on the formulation and quality. High quality liquid paints can last years, depending on the surface and wear.

DIY & Professional Line Marking

Our range of line paints offers something for all budgets, applications and experience levels. Whether you are a DIY user, small business owner, community centre or junior sports club looking for a cost-effective and easy to use line marking solution; or whether you are a line marking contractor, local authority or top sports club looking for professional line striping paint, we have the perfect products for you from top brands in the industry.