Temporary Line Marking Paint

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We have temporary line marking paint for a range of applications. Our temporary marking paint can be used on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, grass and artificial grass to paint temporary sports pitch lines, car parks, road markings, survey markings and much more. Our range includes temporary spray paint aerosols and temporary liquid paint. We also have a range of temporary line marking bundles available.


Temporary Line Marking Paint

Ideal for sports days, training pitches, events, surveys, construction & more

Whether you need temporary paint for sports pitches and courts, events, sports days, surveys, construction or social distancing, our temporary line marking paints are perfect for the job.

Our range includes temporary spray paints and temporary liquid paint in a wide range of bright, highly visible colours. We also have a selection of temporary line marking bundles available, which offer temporary spray with an applicator, or bulk amounts of liquid paint, at a discounted price.

Temporary Line Marker Paint Applications

Our temporary marker paints can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, from concrete and asphalt, to grass and artificial grass like Astro Turf and 3G pitches. So these paints can be used for spraying temporary sports pitches and courts, car parks, road lines, signs, survey markings, social distancing markings and more.

These temporary paints typically last on the surface for a few weeks – depending on the surface itself and weather conditions. Though they can be washed away at any time using a stiff brush and water or a pressure washer.

Temporary Paints

Temporary Spray Paint: Prosolve temporary line marker comes in boxes of 12 x 750ml aerosol cans and it is available in a wide range of bright colours. It can be applied to hard surfaces, grass surfaces or artificial grass surfaces by hand or using an aerosol line marking applicator suitable for 750ml cans. This paint is ideal for school sports days, events, construction and surveys. It typically lasts around 4 weeks on hard surfaces (weather dependent), or it can be washed away at any time using a brush and water or pressure washer.

Zebra Temporary Line Marking Paint Concentrate: This professional line marking paint is ideally suited to sports clubs, leisure centres and schools needing to apply temporary sports pitch lines to hard surface all-weather pitches or artificial pitches like Astro Turf & 3G. It can also be used on grass pitches or on hard surfaces for temporary car parks and road markings. It is designed to be diluted with water and applied using a Zebra line marking machine.

Temporary Line Marking Bundles: Our bundle deals offer line marking paint and an applicator together, or a bulk amount of line marking paint, at a discounted price compared to purchasing the items separately. Our handheld temporary line marking kit offers a handheld line marking applicator with 12 x 750ml cans of temporary spray paint – ideal for sports days, events & surveys. The Prosolve temporary spray paint bundle is ideal for school sports days, community centres, junior sports clubs and more needing to spray temporary lines for sports pitches, courts and car parks. Our Zebra temporary line marking paint bundle offers 40L of Zebra temporary paint & 10L Flush Thru nozzle cleaner for Zebra line marking machines at a discounted price. This bundle is ideal for users with a Zebra line marking machine, with lots of temporary pitches to mark out.