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LineMark Wipeout Concentrate Temporary Line Marking Paint


Temporary Line Marking Paint

Easy to wash away after use!

LineMark Wipeout is a temporary line marking paint, designed for use on a range of surfaces. It can be used on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac, as well as grass turf and synthetic turf, for marking out temporary sports pitches, running tracks and car parks. This paint is ideal for sports clubs, schools, local authorities and events companies looking for a high quality temporary line marking solution that can be washed away by a pressure washer when needed or simply left to fade away.

Concentrate Line Marking Paint

Dilute with water & apply with an iGO machine

LineMark Wipeout is a concentrate line marking paint, designed to be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. Once mixed and poured into a LineMark iGO line marking machine, it can be used for marking out a range of hard surfaces, grass surfaces and synthetic surfaces like 3G, 4G and plastic pitches. This paint comes in 5 litre and 10 litre containers and it is readily available in white and black - other colours are available on request. It produces bright and sharp lines, and it can be removed easily using a pressure washer once the event has finished.

Versatile Marking Paint

Make temporary lines on a huge range of surfaces

This removable line marking paint can be applied with the LineMark iGO range of machines in order to line all kinds of different surfaces. Wipeout paint is ideal for schools, local sports clubs and events companies needing to mark out lines for temporary events and sports days. It is also used by professional sports clubs marking out temporary pitches at their training facilities according to the specific needs of their coaches. This paint can also be used for marking out temporary car parks for events and open days. Once the event is over, simply jet wash the paint away!

Quantity Discount

Save 20% per litre!

We have both 5 litre and 10 litre containers of Wipeout line marking paint available. Purchasingthis concentrate in the larger 10 litre containers saves 20% on the cost per litre compared to buying it in 5 litre containers. This allows you to make great savings on your line marking jobs!

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use.

Container Sizes: 5 litres & 10 litres
Colours: White & Black. (Other colours available on request).

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