LineMark iGO Mini Line Marking Machine

£450.00 (ex VAT)

- Professional Mini Line Marking Machine
- Great for DIY and Professional Use
- Robust 4 Wheel Line Marker
- Creates Crisp, Well-Defined Lines
- Durable and Reliable

Mini Line Marking Machine

Ideal for both DIY & professional operators

The LineMark iGO Mini is a compact and convenient line marking machine, designed for use with the LineMark range of liquid line marking paints. This line marking applicator is battery powered and it is designed to be easy to use and very user friendly - so no matter your experience level, you can use one of these line marking spray machines to get high quality results.

All Purpose Line Marking Spray Machine

Mark car parks, sports pitches, industrial floors and more!

The iGO Mini line marker can be used for marking all kinds of surfaces, for a huge range of applications. These machines can be used to mark on indoor and outdoor hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac, as well as grass turf and synthetic surfaces such as astro turf, 3G, 4G and plastic pitches. The machines come with a selection of nozzles for different applications and they can be used with a range of different paints. So whether you need to do some car park line marking, sports pitch marking, or industrial floor marking, the iGO mini provides the perfect solution.

Fantastic Features!

Easy to use. Practical. Effective.

The iGO Mini line marking machine features a high pressure pump, powered by a small rechargeable battery. The battery provides enough power to line mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The advantage of this new generation of line marking machines is that they are so easy to use, extremely practical and cost-effective. The high pressure paint spray ensures consistent paint application and therefore accurate costings per pitch, car park or industrial floor. The paint spray is easily controlled by a simple push button which leaves no drips. The width of the disc spacers can be adjusted easily to the required line width and, once fixed in place, they ensure accurate, crisp and precise lines. An internal water container and valve allow you to prime the pump quickly at the start of the job and clean out the system easily at the end of the job.

Ready To Use Line Marking Paints

No mixing. No pouring. No mess!

The iGO Mini is designed to spray LineMark’s range of ready to use paints - available in 5 litre and 10 litre containers. Simply give the container a shake, place it on the iGO Mini machine, screw the pump probe on to the container and the machine is ready to mark. With these machines there is no need for diluting, mixing or pouring paint. Despite this, if you do prefer to use Line Mark’s water-diluted concentrate paints, the machine can be converted quickly to allow for this. A specially designed pod container has been developed that simply drops onto the existing tray - any diluted paints can then simply be poured into this pod and the pump probe is then screwed onto the top of the pod.

Compact Size. Professional Performance.

Professional standard line marking

The LineMark range of line marking equipment is used around the world by some of the world’s top sports clubs to do the line marking on their pitches. The iGO Mini is designed to provide the same professional results, but in a more compact, easy to use and cost effective machine. These line marker spray machines are perfect for contractors, groundspeople, local authorities, janitors, schools and sports clubs looking for a machine to do their car park line marking, sports pitch marking or industrial floor marking.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use. Ensure that you flush the iGO Mini system through with water and clean the nozzles using LineMark’s Flush Through Solution at the end of the job to prevent blockages.

Customer Product Reviews
  • Proper professional kit

    I had seen another club use one of these igo line mark machines on their pitches and it looked like a proper bit of kit so I looked into it for our pitches. I found that they are sold on this website and I asked the guys about them over the phone. They were helpful and helped me to decide that this is what we needed from now on to do a proper job. I'm very happy with the machine so far, it's very easy to use and really doesn't make much mess at all!

  • The igo is an excellent line marking machine

    If you are looking for a high quality finish, the igo mini line marker is great. It puts the paint down very well and is so easy to use. It seems like a lot of money but you get much more for your money than with the aerosol can machines. This is well better.

  • Very good!

    I'm happy with the igo mini line marker that we bought. It feels really sturdy and well made. I'm glad its a good UK made product and not some cheap imported machine. It feels like it will last and lets us get loads done quickly.

  • Igo Mini

    Cannot fault this machine. It's the budget range model but the quality of the lines is ideal for what we use it for. I find the quality of the paint used can get a little bit more performance out of this machine


    Brilliant little machine, I purchased the IGO for our school football pitches and was wowed by the quality of the machine upon delivery. The machine was lightweight and easy to use, producing an outstanding result.

    The machine has a high-quality feel, and I am certain I won't have to be finding an alternative solution any time soon.

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