LineMark Dazzle PRO Grass Line Marking Paint

£106.60 (ex VAT)
Container Size: 10 Litres
Colour: White

Professional Sports Pitch Line Marking Paint

Used & trusted by the biggest teams in the country

LineMark Dazzle PRO is a premium quality, heavy duty, professional grass line marking paint. Designed for use in Linemark’s iGO range of line marking machines, this sports pitch line marking paint is used by many top sports teams around the world to mark their pitches and training grounds. It is a high quality water-based white line marking paint designed for marking out football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts and more on grass surfaces. It is the most advanced turf marking paint formulation available on the market and it has raised the standards of professional sports pitch marking around the world.

Bright Lines. Superior Coverage.

The most advanced grass marking paint available

Dazzle PRO has been developed by LineMark’s in-house chemists to offer the brightest and crispest lines on the market. The paint formulation consists of highly micronized titanium dioxide combined with special binders to provide fantastic consistent coverage over the grass surface. This means that Dazzle PRO is capable of going further than its competitors - a full sized football pitch can be overmarked with just 1.1 litres of this paint! The paint is surface dry within 20 minutes of application under normal condition, and special pigmentation attributes provide a bright, white reflective surface increasing in visual intensity as the paint dries. Dazzle PRO grass line marking paint leaves less wastage and produces more robust lines than competitors. This means that you can save a lot of money on paint throughout the season.

Ready To Use Grass Marking Paint

No diluting. No mixing. No mess!

LineMark Dazzle PRO is designed to give the best professional sports pitch line marking results, but also to be practical and easy to apply. Unlike traditional line marking paints, Dazzle PRO is ready to use from the container. Simply give the paint container a shake, place it on a LineMark iGO line marking machine, prime the pump, fasten the pump probe to the paint container and you are ready to mark out. There is no need to dilute the solution with water, to mix the paint, or to pour it into the machine and create a mess.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use.

Container Size: 10 litres

Colour: White

Customer Product Reviews
  • Excellent paint

    Bought to mark a football pitch and athletics track at our school and we decided to go for the professional stuff as it was within budget. Incredible result, will be using again.

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