Grassline Linear Aerosol Line Marking Paint Package

£152.86 (ex VAT)

  • Great Value Package Deal
  • Linear 2/4 Wheel Applicator Included
  • 12 x 750ml Sportsline Aerosols
  • Range of Colours Available
  • Manufactured In The UK
  • Ideal For Grassroot Sports

Grassline Linear Aerosol Line Marking Paint Package

Great value package for grassroot sports clubs

Grassline Linear Aerosol Line Marking Paint Paint Package teams up the Linear applicator with a box of 12 x 750ml Sportsline Aerosol Grass Line Marking Paint.
Manufactured in the UK, the Linear applicator is a made from powder-coated mild steel with heavy duty wheels.
Combined with the Sportsline aerosol, this package represents great value for money and ideal for grassroot sports clubs.
This aerosol line marking paint applicator sprays a 50mm (2inch) wide line. It can be used as a two-wheel aerosol applicator for spraying lines involving tight curves and freehand line marking.
It can also be used as a four wheel aerosol applicator for spraying straight lines by attaching the rear wheels.
The rear wheels are attached by securing the rear wheel adaptor to the handle by use of the two bolts supplied.
The aerosol is located into the applicator by moving the securing bracket round to the left or right and dropping the aerosol through the securing ring.
Direct the nozzle so that it drops into the hole in the spray plate.
If you are using Sportsline aerosols, ensure that the directional groove on the aerosol nozzle is placed horizontally.
Now slide the securing bracket over the rim of the top of the aerosol can and hook it in the centre.
Apply pressure to the thumb trigger and away you go. Suitable for marking on hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.

Applicator + 1 box of 12 aerosols

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