Floor Finishes

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We supply a variety of floor finishes for all types of applications and trades. Whether you need wood lacquer, floor varnish, floor oil, plastic floor coating or polyurethane floor seal in gloss or satin, then we can supply you with the right floor finish for the job from trusted brands such as Flag Paints and Rustins.


Floor Finishes

Endless possibilities to customise your flooring

We stock a wide range of floor finishes for all types of applications from trusted brands like Flag Paints and Rustins, including floor varnish, floor oil, plastic floor coating or polyurethane floor seal in gloss or satin. Floor finishes offer endless possibilities to customise the flooring your home, office or business premises. There are loads of creative ways to use different floor finish products. We have everything from floor lacquer is resistant to heat, solvents and abrasion, making it ideal for dance floors and sports halls, to the more traditional quick drying floor varnishes that are hard wearing and available in a choice of shades.

Professional & DIY floor finishes

Our full range of floor finishes offers something for all types of budgets, applications and experience levels. Whether you are a novice DIY user or owner of a small business, we have the perfect products for you from top brands in the industry.

Aqualac PU Wood Lacquer: Ideal for use on domestic and light traffic floors. It is easy to apply, quick-drying and creates a beautiful non-yellowing finish for use on all new and old wood, including floors and furniture. It is perfect for high quality furniture, dance floors, sports halls and very heavy foot traffic areas.

Floor Varnish: Perfect for interior use on wooden floors, cork floors, MDF, concrete quarry tiles and unsealed terracotta. This high quality, hard wearing floor varnish is non-yellowing and it is resistant to water, alcohol, white spirit and similar solvents. This type of tough finish is also suitable for a wide range of areas, including wooden flooring, furniture, doors and general woodwork.

Floor Oil: Ideal for all interior wooden floors, including parquet, woodblock and floorboards. The oil brings out the natural beauty of the wood and the colour becomes richer. Easy to apply and maintain.

Floor Coating Trade Pack: Resistant to scratching, abrasion, most solvents, weak acids and alkalis, the coating can be applied to wood, cork, chipboard, MDF, laminates, slate and stone. Almost colourless and will not craze or yellow on ageing. The finish is highly durable, resistant to impact, abrasion and solvents.

Floor Seal: Ideal for wood, cork, MDF and old concrete floors, floor seal is is a heavy-bodied, pale-coloured, solvent-based polyurethane that gives a tough and durable finish. It can be applied to already coated flooring without sanding if the surface is clean and free from wax. Available in Gloss and Satin finish.