Ground Socket Pitch Marking Systems

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Ground socket line marking systems provide a quick and easy way of setting out a grass sports pitch for quick & easy remarking of lines. Installed by screwing sockets into the ground just below the surface, they remain in place all season, allowing you to string out completely accurately week after week.


Ground Socket Line Marking Systems

Convenient & professional solutions for sports clubs, schools & more

We have a fantastic range of professional standard ground socket line marking systems available to order online or over the phone.

These pitch marking systems comprise of sockets which are manually installed into the ground, to provide a permanent point where a string line can be hung from one point to another, for example on either side of the half way line on a football pitch.

This makes is quick and easy to remark pitches accurately throughout the season.

All sockets are located on the outside parameter of the pitch so as not to interfere with play.

This method of sports pitch line marking can be used for football, rugby, cricket and many more. It is used by professional sports clubs around the world, but is also great for schools, leisure centres and amateur sports clubs.