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Pitchmark LineFix Starter Kit

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  • Ground socket pitch marking kit
  • Everything you need to set out your pitch
  • Aids fast & accurate pitch marking
  • 30 ground sockets
  • 6 pins
  • 1 installation key
  • 1 carry case

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Pitchmark LineFix Starter Kit

Aids faster & accurate pitch markings, time after time

LineFix is a ground socket system that helps you to paint pitch lines on grass surfaces quickly and more accurately. Sockets are installed into the ground and they provide points where a pin can be inserted and string line can be set out, for fast, consistent and accurate remarking of the pitch each week.

Easy To Install: The kit includes 30 sockets as well as a key, which allows them to be inserted into the ground easily. Ideal for professional or amateur use.

Accurate Line Marking: The sockets provide consistent points where string can be set out, to aid accurate line marking.

Save Time: No need to measure out the pitch each week, as the sockets remain in the ground throughout the season.

Removable: The sockets can be remove easily at the end of the season using the key.

Multi Use: Sockets are available in blue and orange. One colour can be used to mark out the pitch and the other to mark out mowing pattern lines.


Pitchmark LineFix Ground Socket Starter Kit

Innovative ground socket pitch marking system

The Pitchmark LineFix system is a unique and innovative ground socket pitch marking system, specifically developed to aid in the remarking of sports pitches on natural grass surfaces. This starter kit gives you everything you need to install a ground socket system on your pitch.

What is LineFix?

LineFix is a ground socket system for line marking sports pitches. This starter kit includes 30 ground sockets (orange or blue), 6 pins, 1 installation key and 1 carry case.

Sockets are installed into the ground by screwing them into place just below the surface with a key.

Each socket is situated in a location where the user will string a line from one point to another, for example on either side of the halfway line on a football pitch.

The sockets remain there all season and allow you to string out the pitch quickly and accurately week after week, as a precise guide for high quality pitch line marking.

All sockets are located on the outside parameter of the pitch so as not to interfere with play.

LineFix is perfect for line marking on winter sports pitches like rugby and football, as well as for cricket wickets.

Available with orange or blue sockets, Pitchmark's LineFix is the ultimate pitch marking system and was supplied to all 12 stadiums for the Brazil World Cup in 2014.

This ground socket system is used worldwide by professional football clubs, rugby clubs and cricket clubs. It can also be used by schools, leisure centres, local authorities and amateur clubs to ensure accurate pitch lines.

Refill packs of sockets or pins are also available separately.

Alternative uses

As well as marking the pitch, LineFix can also be used for pattern lines when cutting a pitch. Different colour sockets make it easier to recognise which sockets are installed for pitch marking and which are installed for the pattern lines.

What's In The Box

The LineFix starter kit consists of:

  • 30 x Sockets (Blue or Orange)
  • 6 x Pins
  • 1 x Installation Key
  • 1 x Carry case

Refill packs of sockets or pins are also available separately.


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