Floor Line Marking Tape

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We have a wide range of floor marking tapes available to order online or over the phone. These line marking tapes are bright, colourful and durable self-adhesive tapes, designed for line marking industrial floors for safety and organisational purposes. Whether you need to mark out safe walkways, traffic lanes for forklifts, pallet storage areas, bays, or hazardous, we can supply suitable marking tape.


Floor Marking Tape

Self-adhesive industrial line marking tape for warehouses, factories & more

Our range of floor marking tapes is designed to offer an easy to apply, convenient and mess-free alternative to paints when line marking warehouses and other industrial floors. These self- adhesive floor tapes are made from tough materials and they feature a sticky back which allows them to be applied to floors easily, allowing warehouses, factories, depots and more to achieve 5S floor marking status.

Floor line marking tape requires no detailed preparation. Simply clean and sweep the floor, remove the film from the back of the tape, lay it on the floor and press down on it to apply it. Unlike paints and resins, there are no fumes or solvents involved and there is no down-time for drying, as the work area can be used whilst the floor marking tape is being applied, even in food preparation facilities.

Line Marking Tape

We have floor line marking tape available in rolls of various sizes and in a wide range of colours. Flexistripe heavy duty floor line marking tape comes in 30m rolls and either 50mm, 75mm or 100mm width, and with either an embossed finish for grip or a smooth finish. The smooth option is ideal for areas that carry heavily regulated hygiene standards, as the smooth surface is easier to clean and can’t trap dirt.

We also have a range of pre-cut shapes available, such as T junctions, 45 degree corners and 90 degree corners, which allow sections of the floor tape to be connected together to create walkways and traffic lanes around corners.

Floor Tape Letters & Numbers

Our floor tape letters & numbers are self-adhesive pre-cut shapes, available in a range of sizes and colours. They are ideal for creating signs on the ground, as well as numbering bays in warehouses and a range of other industrial facilities.

Floor Tape Symbols

We have a range of pre-cut symbols available in our heavy-duty floor tape range – including arrows, discs, crosses and footprints. These self-adhesive symbols can be used to mark out safe pathways, traffic flows and pallet storage areas.

Hazard Floor Tape

We have black and yellow hazard tape and red and white floor tape available to order. These hazard floor tapes are designed to be highly visible, to warn of safety hazards in workshops, warehouses, factories, offices and more. They come in boxes of 24 x 33m long rolls.

Social Distancing Floor Tape

Our social distancing floor tape offers rolls of bright yellow safety warning signs that can be used on floors, walls, doors and windows, in order to remind employees and customers of social distancing rules. These social distancing warning signs are perfect for use in supermarkets and shops, as well as warehouses, trade counters, hospitals, pharmacies, banks and more.