Industrial Markers & Crayons

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We offer a wide range of industrial marking pens and crayons, ideal for making permanent and temporary marks on a range of materials including wood, metal, concrete, asphalt, glass, plastics, ceramic, leather & more. Our range includes road marking crayons, white chalk, high temperature markers & metal markers.


Industrial Markers & Crayons

Compact & easy to use markers on site

Our range of industrial markers and crayons offers a selection of high quality products for marking permanent & temporary marks on a range of materials and surfaces. They can be used on site for surveys, for marking notes, measurements and labels on materials and surfaces.

Road Marking Crayons: Available in a wide range of colours, these hard road marking crayons can be used during roadworks and road surveys to mark out areas to be worked on, including kerbs to be removed and potholes to be fixed.

Timber Crayons: Prosolve Timber Crayons can be used to make marks, write labels and measurements on timber and a range of wooden surfaces. They are ideal for woodkworking tasks, as well as construction jobs.

Very High Temperature Markers: These specialist marking paint crayons can be used to make marks and write on a range of different surfaces whilst cold. These marks are capable of surviving very high temperatures of 750℃ - 1200℃ once the surface or material is heated.