Specialist Paints

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We have a wide range of specialist paint & finishes available, from some of the biggest & most reputable brands in the industry, including Rustins, Flag Paints & Sherwin Williams. Our range includes anti climb paint, blackboard paint, masonry paint, garden paint, wood oils, varnishes & more!

Specialist Paints

Paints & coatings for domestic, trade & industrial applications

Specialist paints and special coatings allow you to decorate, protect, and prepare materials to ensure that surfaces are fit for purpose, durable, and, most importantly, looking their best. We supply paints, finishes, and primers for metals, woods, ceramics, and more. We offer high-quality products for wood care, metal care, floorcare, problem-solving, and special aesthetics.

Wood Care

We have an excellent range of wood care products, including wood dye, Linseed oil, and more. We have products for indoor wood, such as preservers and treatments, and we have finishes, including lacquer, wax, oil, sealer, gloss, varnish, and plastic coating. We also have products suitable for outdoor wood, including preservers, treatments, oils, stains, varnishes, acrylic finishes, and garden paints.

Metal Care

We have metal care products so that you can maintain your garden furniture, fences, light fittings, railing, gutters, barbeques, and more. We supply metal primer, undercoat, satin paint, matte paint, galvanising spray, and rust converter. Our metal care products are suitable for various metals and prevent rust, corrosion, and ingress.


We supply care products for wood and polyurethane flooring, including varnish, plastic floor coating, satin seal, gloss, oil, lacquer, and more. They protect your floor from damage and ensure they look their best, ideal for domestic and trade applications. We also have an excellent range of products for decking care for wooden and composite boards, such as decking cleaner, oil, stain, and sealant. Decking coats and finishes offer UV protection, water repellency, protection from mould, resistance to cracking, peeling, blistering, and creating non-slip surfaces.


Our range of speciality paint and coatings are ideal for preventing and rectifying a range of common problems. We have waterproofing paint, heat resistant paint, masking paint, anti-corrosion paint, step paint, anti-climb paint, tile paint, ceramic glaze, antifouling paint, and much more.

Our specialist paints and coatings are fast drying and available in many different colours and shades. No matter the application, we have a suitable product available.