Transfer Wheel Line Markers

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We have a great selection of wheel transfer line markers available online. Wheel to wheel line marking machines have been trusted by groundskeepers for generations, and they are perfect for line marking all kinds of grass sports pitches & courts. They offer great value, ease of use & years of reliable service. These line markers can be used with any ready to use or diluted concentrate grass line marking liquid paint.

Transfer Wheel Line Markers

Ideal for line marking sports pitches & courts on grass surfaces

Transfer wheel line markers are compact and versatile machines for marking out single and multi-use pitches. They are easy to use, and they are perfect for the maintenance of sports grounds at professional clubs, schools, council facilities, and more. Wheel to wheel line markers allow you to produce bright, even lines with excellent precision. You can use them with fluid paint, so you have access to a range of vibrant colours so that you can mark regulation pitches for football, rugby, cricket, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey, rounders, Gaelic football, and more.

We have transfer wheel line markers with 10-litre and 20-litre paint fluid capacities. We also supply machines with different sized line marking wheels, with 50mm (2"), 75mm (3"), 100mm (4"), and 125mm (5") wheels available. The Grassline Compact and the Grassline Challenger are manufactured using robust British steel with a powder-coated finish, offering excellent durability and years of reliable service. The Grassline Ultima is made from Polyethylene, so it is lightweight and cannot rust.

Each model features internal pickup wheels, transfer rollers, and front marking wheels, which apply the paint to the ground. The wheels are all perfectly synced to ensure that the fluid transfer is consistent and produces sharp, solid lines. These line marking machines have large, pneumatic wheels for excellent mobility and stability. The wheels ensure that you can push the machine along freely and smoothly, even on uneven and rough surfaces. Transfer wheel line markers also have adjustable handles with comfortable rubber grips, making one machine suitable for different operators.