Zebra Line Marking

Zebra Line Marking

A Zebra Line Marking System provides a professional standard surface marking solution. The versatile range of Zebra machines and paint is perfect for any industry and surface. You can adapt each model to use on hard, grass, and artificial surfaces interchangeably. The specially formulated paint contains more pigment solids than competitor brands and ensures that you can apply crisp, bright line markings that meet the specifications of any application.

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Zebra Machines

Zebra line marking machines offer professional results on any surface. They feature a battery-powered spray system that uses less paint. The spray system is state of the art and efficient, but still offers thick, crisp, durable lines. You can use a Zebra in any sector to mark industrial floors, roads, sports courts, grass, 3G surfaces, tarmac, and asphalt. There are three models in the Zebra line marking machine range. You can adapt each machine to work on turf and hard surfaces.

Zebra Eco Line Marker: The Eco is a compact and easy to use. It is ideal for sports clubs, schools, and businesses. The spray unit is side mounted and operated with the simple press of a button.

Zebra Pro Line Marker: The Pro is larger machine, but is still incredibly easy to use. It is ideal for contractors, professional grounds people, and sports clubs. The Zebra Pro has a paint recirculation system. The recirculation system ensures that paint is always the ideal consistency for spraying.

Zebra Lux Line Marker: The Lux is the largest machine in the Zebra range. You can use this machine for professional line marking. Contractors, grounds people, and top sports clubs will find it easy to use, reliable, and high-quality. The Zebra Lux has a paint recirculation system. It also has a solenoid in the spray unit which cuts the paint spray dead, preventing overspray and drips. A brake level on the handle lifts and lowers the marking discs for quick and easy repositioning.

Zebra spray nozzles are specially engineered for use with Zebra paint
Save water. Save money. Save time. Expect results.

Zebra Paint

Zebra Line Marking Systems paint is a unique formulation that offers unrivalled performance and efficiency, delivering outstanding results that last. Zebra paint uses 89% less water than traditional liquid marker paints. Its DNA provides a deep, rich line paint that you can use for hard, grass, and synthetic surfaces. This paint is easily dispersed, fast drying, durable, and offers outstanding brightness with excellent application accuracy. Available in a wide range of highly-pigmented, vibrant colours, Zebra paint is trusted by groundskeeping experts around the world for use in some the most high-profile and renowned sports stadiums.

More From The Zebra Range

We offer a range of bundles which offer a machine and paint together, or a bulk amount of paint, together at a discounted price. We also have a range of Zebra machine accessories which allow you to get even more use out of your Zebra line marker.