Zebra Lux Line Marking Machine

For Zebra Line Marking Paint
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  • Professional & Durable
  • High-Pressure Spray System
  • Paint Recirculation System
  • Adjustable Discs (available separately)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • For All Surfaces


Simple Push Button Control: Very easy to operate.

High Pressure Spray System: Consistent paint delivery and excellent coverage over the floor surface.

Integrated Solenoid: Stops the paint spray instantly when the button is released, meaning no drips.

Battery Powered: Line Mark for hours on a single charge.

Adjustable Line Marking Discs: For crisp and accurate line edges on hard and soft surfaces.

Disc Raising Handle: For easy repositioning at the end of a line.

Selection of Nozzles: Control the paint flow rate & complete different types of line marking jobs.

Paint Recirculation System: Keeps paint at the ideal consistency for spraying.

Large Air Filled Tyres: Sturdy & reliable operation.

Accessories Available: Can be used with a handheld spray lance for freehand marking, and a running track line marking boom (available separately).


Zebra Lux Line Marking Machine

Professional, versatile line marker

The Zebra Lux Line Marking Machine is a high-quality, versatile appliance for spraying lines on different surfaces, like concrete and grass. You can use it outdoors or indoors, and it is suitable for marking car parks, warehouses, sports pitches, and more. This line marker machine is so intuitive and easy to operate that anyone can use it to achieve accurate results, although it is suited for professional use.

The Zebra machine is made in Britain and built to the highest standards. It is a solid and robust design, ensuring it is suitable for all work areas. It features a high-pressure pump, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery will run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. You can prime the pump with a switch, and this also allows for easy cleaning when you are finished. The paint spray is delivered through various nozzles that have been specially engineered for various applications. You control the paint spray with a simple push button, and the integrated paint recycling system ensures that the paint is always well mixed, ensuring consistency. You do not need to mix, pour, or prepare any paint for use with the machine. All you need to do is shake a container of Zebra line marking paint, and place it into the designated bay of the Pro. You insert the pump-probes directly into the paint container.

The Lux has a front-mounted spray nozzle. You can also attach an additional arm that allows you to adapt the nozzle to be side-mounted. Both positions offer excellent working visibility and accuracy, but the side-arm also allows you to mark right up to curbs and walls without an issue. You can move the adjustable discs surrounding the nozzle to set the width of the lines you paint. The discs ensure accurate, crisp lines, without overspray. Square discs produce the best results on hard surfaces, and round discs are prefered for soft surfaces.

An optional spray lance attachment is also available, which allows for free-hand marking and spraying of stencils, patterns, logos, numbers and letters. It is perfect for numbering bays and spraying signs onto the ground. You can also add a running track line marking boom which features 3 spray nozzles, allowing you to spray 3 lines alongside each other at the same time.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use. At the end of each line marking job, ensure that you clean the Zebra Lux pump system and nozzles with water and Zebra Flush Thru cleaning solution to prevent blockages. A small 1-litre sample of Flush Thru comes included with the machine. Flush Thru can also be purchased separately in 10L bottles.

Results may vary depending on surface and suitable preparation may be required to achieve the best results. Please contact the sales team for assistance with your specific application.


Height at the lowest setting: 93 cm
Height at the highest setting: 108 cm
Length at the shortest setting: 110 cm
Length at the longest setting: 125 cm
Width: 72 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Warranty: 12 months

What's In The Box

Zebra Lux Line Marking Machine
1L Zebra Flush Thru pump & nozzle cleaner
Assorted Zebra Spray Nozzles
Charger Cable

Optional Extras:
Hard Surface Square Discs
Turf Surface Round Discs
Zebra Pro Side Arm Attachment

10L Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner
Handheld Spray Lance With Control Valve & Hose For Freehand Marking


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