Linemark Group

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Linemark Group is an industry leader in modern, high quality line marking machines and paint. Established in the UK in 1997, Linemark introduced the first battery powered line marker to the UK market and have gone on to supply top sports clubs around the world with their pitch marking machines & paint.


Linemark Group

Industry leading line marking

Linemark Group is a UK based company and a specialist in high quality line marking machines and paint. The Linemark iGO range of battery powered line markers is used by top sports clubs and grounds around the world to mark out their pitches and courts.

The Impact system, introduced by Linemark, consists of their iGo line markers, impact paint and paint spray nozzle system. The impact system delivers colourful, durable and consistent lines yet uses much less paint than traditional transfer wheel line marking machines. The result is professional lines, with less paint - therefore saving money!

Linemark iGO Line Markers

The Linemark iGO range of line markers offers a selection of modern, efficient and easy to use line marking machines which use a battery powered spray system to paint bright, colourful and consistent lines.

  • iGO Mini - Compact & easy to use. Ideal for marking out single pitches and courts using 5L tubs of paint.
  • iGo Midi - A larger & more professional machine, with a paint recirculation system to keep the paint at the ideal consistency for spraying.
  • iGo Prime - The professional line marker, ideal for professional clubs and sports grounds.

Grass, Artificial Grass & Hard Surface Line Marking

Linemark Group is most widely known for its range of pitch line markers and pitch line marking paints, for football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts and more. However they have also developed a range of equipment and paint for line marking on artificial grass pitches, such as 3G and Astro Turf, as well as for line marking on hard surfaces like concrete, tarmac and asphalt. Their range of machines and paint allows operators to mark out sports pitches, courts, car parks, road lines, industrial floor lines and much more.

We supply Linemark iGO line marking machines, line marking paint for grass, artificial grass, hard surface and temporary applications, as well as a range of bundles which give you a machine and paint together at a great price!