LineMark iGO Midi Synthetic Grass Line Marking Package

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- Professional Midi Synthetic Grass Line Marking Package
- Includes Robust 4 Wheel line Marking Machine
- includes 40L of Line marking Paint
- Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines
- Great for Astro and Plastic Pitches

Line Marking Machine: LineMark iGO Midi
Line Marking Paint: 40L LineMark Synthetic Grass Paint (4 x 10L Containers)

Save On Synthetic Grass Line Marking Equipment

Perfect for marking on 3G, 4G, 5G, Astro & plastic pitches!

The iGO Midi Synthetic Grass Line Marking Package offers professional line marking equipment for synthetic turf at a discounted price! This package deal includes a LineMark iGO Mini line marking machine along with 40 litres of LineMark Synthetic line marking paint at a reduced price compared to purchasing both products separately. This equipment is easy to use even for inexperienced operators, allowing you to line mark your own football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts, Amercian football pitches and more on synthetic surfaces such as 3G, 4G, 5G, Astro turf and plastic pitches. This kit is ideal for sports clubs and schools looking for a great value, high quality line marking option for their synthetic pitches.

iGO Midi Line Marking Machine

Professional line marking without the hassle

The LineMark iGO Midi is a practical and easy to use professional line marking machine. It is the latest machine in LineMark’s range and it has been designed with a range of features that provide fantastic line marking results and make it very convenient and practical to operate - even without any previous experience. The frame of this machine is sturdy and robust and it has large wheels, to assist with straight and accurate marking. The machine has been designed to feel solid and easy to handle, making it feel like a more traditional line marker. The high pressure paint pump, powered by a rechargeable battery, ensures consistent and crisp paint application. A full charge of the battery provides up to 8 hours of line marking time and the spray is easily controlled by a simple push button which leaves no drips. The width of the line can be adjusted easily by moving the disc spacers that surround the nozzle. An internal water container and valve allow you to prime the pump quickly at the start of the job and clean out the system easily at the end of the job. The iGO Midi line marking machine bring line marking into the 21st century - reducing waste, speeding up line marking times and providing outstanding results. It is ideal for schools, sports clubs, leisure centres, contractors and local authorities.

Professional Synthetic Grass Line Marking Paint

Easier application. Brighter colours. Longer lasting lines.

LineMark Synthetic line marking paint is a high quality professional line marker, specifically designed to adhere to synthetic grass surfaces. It offers huge benefits over competitor products including richer and deeper colours, improved paint flow, easier application, greater adhesion to the surface and longer lasting lines that are resilient to scuffs and weather. With this modern line marking paint there is no mixing, diluting or pouring. You can use it straight from the container. Simply give the paint container a shake, place it on the iGO Midi line marking machine, prime the pump, fasten the pump probe to the paint container and you are ready to mark out whatever you need. This method reduces waste, prevents mess, saves time on site and makes line marking a much easier job. We supply 40 litres of Synthetic paint in this package deal (4 x 10 litre containers) and it is available in white, yellow, red and blue.

Please note: If you wish to customise your package with different paint colours (eg. 10L white, 10L yellow, 10L blue, 10L red) - simply give our sales team a call and we will be able to customise your order to your requirements.

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