Tennis Court Line Marking

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We have an excellent range of tennis court line marking machines & paint available online. Our versatile equipment is ideal for courts of all levels and all surfaces, including grass, artificial grass, clay & hard courts. We have a superb selection of paint colours, including white, yellow & red, so that they stand out on any court.


Tennis Court Line Marking

Crisp, colourful lines for all court types

Tennis court line marking machines and paints allow you to mark out, maintain, and reline tennis courts at all levels, from Wimbledon to Wrexham. We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machines, and transfer wheel line markers with a massive fluid and spray paint range. Our versatile selection allows you to mark all types of tennis courts, whether it is grass, artificial grass, clay, hard, or a multi-use sports hall surface.

Tennis court line marking equipment allows you to install bright and bold lines that offer excellent visibility, so you can make the tightest calls if the ball is in or out. Our line marking machines allow you to mark straight, sharp court lines quickly and to specification. Our line marking paint is fast drying, durable, and vibrant. We supply lots of different colours for traditional white lines, or you can go for yellow, red, blue, green, orange, or black. The colour of tennis court line markings usually depends on the type of surface, ensuing it is a contrasting shade.

Tennis Court Markings

Defined & regulated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

A full tennis court is 23.77 metres long and 8.23 metres wide for singles or 10.97 metres wide for doubles. The service line is 6.40 metres from the net. The ITF does recommend smaller pitches for younger children in competition. Tennis courts for children under the age of 10 should be 18 metres long and 6.4 metres wide, and courts for children under the age of 8 should be 11 metres long and 5.5 metres wide. When installing a tennis court, you will have to mark a baseline, doubles sideline, singles sideline, service box, centre service line, service line, double tramline, baseline centre mark, and the net.