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Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint

10 Litres (7 Colours)
£33.60 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Sold in 10 litre containers
  • Market-Leading Coverage
  • Professional water-based line marking paint for use on grass
  • Ready to use formula
  • Perfect for marking out sports pitches
  • Produces bright, colourful & durable lines
  • Economical line marking - mark out more lines with less paint!
  • Up to 5900m per container*

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Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint

Professional line marking paint for grass sports pitches

Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint is a high quality, bright and durable professional line marking paint designed for painting lines on grass surfaces for sports pitches and courts. Applied using a Zebra line marking machine, with the nozzles that come included with the machine, this line marking paint offers bright, colourful and durable lines, and excellent economy.

Bright, Crisp & Clear Lines

Unrivalled line marking performance

Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint comes in 10 litre containers and it is available in white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green and black. It offers plenty of colour options for line marking football pitches, rugby pitches, American football pitches, tennis courts and much more.

The Zebra line marking system comprises the Zebra line marking machine, paint spray nozzles and the paint itself. They work together to provide consistent paint coverage over the surface and bright, crisp and colourful lines. The Zebra line marking system offers great value for money, as the system uses less paint than traditional transfer wheel line marking systems or aerosol systems, but provides deep, rich and clear lines.

Zebra Grass Line Marking Paint and the Zebra line marking system make professional quality line marking results accessible to local authorities, sports clubs, schools and general contractors.

Fast & Efficient Line Marking

No diluting. No mixing. No pouring!

Unlike many sports pitch line marking paints, Zebra Premium Grass Line Marking Paint comes ready to use. There is no need to dilute, mix or pour this paint! This makes the Zebra line marking system much easier to use and much less messy than many alternatives. Simply shake the container, place it on a Zebra line marking machine, insert the pump probe into the paint container and you are ready to go!

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use.

*coverage claim approximation based on an experienced user applying Zebra Premium Grass line marking paint with a Zebra line marking machine at an average walking speed of 2.5mph and using a low-flow rate cone nozzle (gold). Nozzle, line width, machine setting, grass type and grass length may affect coverage.

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