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Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint

5 Litres (7 Colours)
£57.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Sold in 5 Litre Containers
  • Water & Acrylic Based
  • Hard-Wearing & Durable
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Suitable For Concrete & Tarmac
  • Ideal For Car Parks, Industrial Floors & More
  • Touch Dry in 1 Hour

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Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint

High quality paint for car park lines, tarmac, concrete & hard courts

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint is a high quality acrylic based paint, specifically designed for painting bright, clear, long-lasting lines on concrete and tarmac surfaces.

This line marking paint comes in 5 litre containers and it is available in a range of different colours - white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green and black. Colour match is also available on orders of 30 litres or more - simply enquire to find out more.

This professional line marking paint can be used indoors and outdoors for painting car park lines, tarmac, concrete and industrial floor lines, sports courts and pitches on hard surfaces, and much more.

Professional Line Marking Paint

Bright & durable lines for any hard surface application

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint is made in the UK and it is specially formulated to provide bright and clear colours, and a long-lasting finish.

It is designed to be applied using a Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Machine. The Zebra line marking system comprises the Zebra line marking machine, paint spray nozzles and the paint itself. They work together to provide consistent paint coverage over the surface and bright, crisp and colourful lines.

The Zebra line marking system provides great value for money, as the system uses less paint than traditional line marking systems or aerosol systems, but provides deep, rich and professional lines.

Easy To Apply

No diluting. No mixing. No Pouring.

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint is very easy to use - for both amateurs and experienced line marking contractors. This line marker paint is completely ready to use - it does not need to be diluted, mixed or poured.

Simply shake the 5 litre paint container, place it on a Zebra line marking machine, insert the pump probe and you are ready to line mark car parks, industrial floors, hard courts and much more. This system reduces wastage, prevents mess and saves time on the job.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use. Results may vary depending on surface and suitable preparation may be required to achieve the best results. Please contact the sales team for assistance with your specific application.



Customer Product Reviews

  • Easy to use and easy to clean

    Lasts forever too all safe water based so can be used in all envvironments - we've used this on our hangar floors - can recommend

  • shift manager

    we needed to line section our warehouse floors. using the zebra linemarking machine with the hard surface paint for the first time was so easy. the lines are bright and clear. great product

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