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Budget Line Marking Kit

4 Wheel Machine + 6 or 12 x 750ml Paint
£108.30 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Four Wheel line Marking Paint Applicator
  • Box of 6 or 12 x 750ml Acrylic Line Marking Paint
  • Budget Line Marking Package Deal
  • Everything You Need To Get Started
  • Simple & Easy-to-use Marking Machine
  • Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines
  • Ideal for Car Parks, Warehouses, Factories & More

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Budget Line Marking Kit

Great value four wheel line marking kit that won't break the bank

The Budget Line Marking Kit provides you with everything that you need to start marking your own car park, warehouse, factory and much more without breaking the bank. This budget line marking package deal features a four-wheel line marking paint applicator and one box of 6 of 12 x 750ml acrylic line marker paint. This is an excellent value line marking kit for marking car parks, play areas, warehouse floors and more.

The four wheel line marking applicator is a simple, easy to use line marking machine. Its design allows fast and accurate application of the acrylic line marking paint to mark out car parks, warehouses, factories, play areas and more. IThe four wheel applicator produces clear and precise two-inch wide lines.


Our acrylic line marking paint is a bright, hard wearing line marking paint designed to give you long lasting lines. It will not wear away quickly or wash away in the rain. Our acrylic line marking paint comes in boxes of 6 or 12 x 750ml cans and is available in a range of colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue.

Drying (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity). Touch dry in 30 minutes. The drying time depends on temperature of surroundings, air humidity and thickness of the applied layer.

PLEASE NOTE: This offer includes one box of acrylic line marking paint (6 or 12 cans per box). Please specify which colour you require using the Paint Colour selection box. Available colours: white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue.


What's In The Box

4 Wheel Line Marking Applicator

Box of 6 or 12 x 750ml Acrylic Line Marking Paint


Customer Product Reviews

  • Line marking on a budget

    if your looking to mark a field car park or warehouse without breaking the bank this is a great option, everything worked perfectly we just wish we took more paint as im back ordering more but paying delivery again, cant complain tho, happy customer , thanks for the A* service

  • marking kit

    great marking kit with low price,its better than it looks and leaves really good lines, impressed

  • paint kit

    happy with the finish, little basic but hey look at the price, still did everything i needed it too, 2 days delivery but i did order late on tuesady

  • playground

    Well worth the price, managed to do a lovely design on our nursery play area, easy to use, maybe a little basic but i knew that before i ordered it so i caant really complain, it did the job with zero issues

  • Brilliant

    Brilliant Product 5*

  • Line Marked Yard

    Its done a jolly good job on the yard.
    Guest parking will be a lot better now.
    Thanks for the advice, it was a good job i ordered that extra case we finished with 1 can left, you worked it out correct. Thanks Again. Issac

  • Cheap and Cheerful

    The only downside is you have to install the rear wheels, it comes in two boxes but even I managed that and usually I'm useless.
    Everything went smoothly which is a relief as I thought I would mess it up ..Girl Power!!

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