Sports Ground Line Marking Paint

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We have a wide range of sports ground line marking paint available online. Our sports marking paints produce bright, clear & crisp lines on various sports flooring, including grass, artificial grass & hard surfaces. We have a selection of colours available, ideal for football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts & more. Whether you are a top-level professional sports club or a local team, you can use our sports line marking range to quickly, regularly & cost-effectively produce your pitch lines.


Sports Ground Line Marking Paint

Bright, clear & crisp lines for sports pitches & courts on any surface

Our range of sports ground line marking paint is suitable for every sport on any type of sports flooring, including grass, 3G and 4G artificial grass, concrete, polyurethane, vinyl, rubber, and timber. We provide a full range of paint in vibrant colours, including white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, black, so that you can mark out regulated pitches and courts for football, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, athletics, and more.

We have Zebra Line Marking System paints for hard surfaces, grass, artificial grass, and temporary markings. Each type is specially formulated to excel when used on the pertaining surfaces, offering reliable, vibrant, crisp lines. Permanent Zebra paints are durable, long-lasting, and are easy to reapply regularly. You can use our temporary paints to mark out any surface, and it will eventually fade, or you can wash it away easily after use, ideal for events, sports days, and training pitches.

We also have a selection of Grassline paints for a range of applications with different formulations and colours provided in 10L HDPE recyclable bottles.

Zebra paints are incredibly efficient when used with our range of Zebra spray line marking machines. We have hard surface line marking machine, grass line marking machine, artificial grass line marking machine ranges, featuring modern battery-powered spray line marking machines and traditional transfer wheel line marking machines.

Professional groundkeepers worldwide use our pitch line marking range to mark out the pitches in some of the world's most famous sports stadiums. Yet, despite their reputable credentials, they are so easy to use and offer such great value for money that anyone can use them. Whether you work for a professional sports club, a groundskeeper for a local amateur team or a school, our pitch line marking paints and machines offer a fantastic solution for marking out high-quality pitches and courts quickly and easily.

Sports Hall Floor Markings

Line colour guide for multi-use surfaces

Schools, leisure centres, and community halls can be marked out for multiple courts and pitches using different colour line markings. Multiple line markings can allow schools and sports halls to teach, host, and introduce people to new and different sports with regulation dimensions. Some of the standard colours are shown below. You can find more information and guidance on sports hall designs for all levels at Sport England.

  • Netball: red
  • Basketball: black
  • Badminton: white
  • Volleyball: green or light blue
  • 5-a-side Football: blue or yellow
  • Tennis: yellow
  • Hockey: blue or white
  • Squash: red
  • Volleyball: green