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The most commonly asked line marking questions answered.

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The longevity of line marking paint varies greatly depending on several key factors. Aspects such as the surface type, surface condition, amount of traffic, level of exposure and even temperature can affect curing times massively, as well as the type of paint, application method and the thickness of the coat. Applying suitable primer and sealants before and after application can also improve the lifespan of paint by up to 60%. For more information on the lifespans of specific paints or specific applications, contact our sales team today.

Depending on the paint and the surface, most paints can be removed using a variety of techniques. Most temporary paints degrade naturally over time, can be removed using high pressure jet washing machines on suitable surfaces. More permanent paints can be removed using shot or sand blasting equipment, gas blow torches or specialist solvents. For grass paints, paint is often grown/mown out over time. For more information on the removal of line marking paints from surfaces, contact our sales team today.

Drying times can vary depending on a number of factors, the most important of which are the type of paint, application method, type of surface and the thickness of the coat. Weather conditions and humidity can also play a part. As a rough guide, a thin coat in typical conditions can be touch dry in as little as 30 minutes, traffic resistant within 2-4hrs and fully cured within 36-48hrs.

The amount of metres a litre/can of paint can cover varies for a number of reasons, primarily the quality of the paint, application method and line width are the most important factors. Some paints and applications are significantly more efficient in their coverage than others, so it’s always worth considering all options before making your purchase. We created a comprehensive line marking calculator to offer an estimate on how much paint is required based on your paint, application method and specific job.

Because aerosol cans are sent in pressurized containers, to ensure the product arrives successfully and safety, courier services are often used for delivery. Due to the size and weights of liquid paint, courier or pallet delivery services are often used. We can deliver paint and accessories to you quickly for as little as £14.99 to most mainland UK addresses. Delivery timescales vary depending on the product, location and volume but we aim to deliver most orders within 1-3 working days.

For more information on our delivery service, including gaining a quotation, contact our sales team today.

For hard surface line marking we recommend clearing the surface of any loose debris such as grit, gravel, moss and dirt to allow for a clean surface to apply the paint to. We also recommend applying to dry surfaces and with an adequate time period before any adverse weather such as rain or snow to allow the paint to cure fully. For grass surfaces, we recommend applying to dry, recently cut grass with any loose thatch or moss removed beforehand.

For an average user doing a marking a car park or mid-sized warehouse annually, we estimate customers can save of upwards of £800-£1000 compared to commercial line marking contractors. For sports pitches, we estimate over the course of a 12 month period, savings of over £1200-£1500 are possible depending on how many and how often pitches are marked. More and more customers than ever are turning to for their line marking needs. Get in touch today for more information.

Our fantastic ‘How much will I need calculator’ will assist you in working out how much paint to order. Alternatively, our blog page has the answers for the majority of sports environments.

Our blog area has more details on this, but the information below may assist.

Football Pitch Dimensions

5-a-side 20m (21.87 yards) 30m (32.80 yards) 25m (27.34 yards) 35m (38.27 yards)
7-a-side 30m (32.80 yards) 45m (49.21 yards) 35m (38.27 yards) 50m (54.68 yards)
9-a-side 45m (49.21 yards) 60m (65.61 yards) 50m (54.68 yards) 67m (73.27 yards)
11-a-side 90m (100 yards) 45m (50 yards) 120m (130 yards) 90m (100 yards)

Rugby Pitch Sizes

Rugby pitch dimensions are standardized by World Rugby to ensure consistency across matches and competitions. A rugby pitch should be a maximum length of 100 metres and a minimum length of 94m. The width of the rugby pitch should indeed fall within the range of 68 to 70 meters, and the in-goal area should range from 6 to 22 meters. This gives the playing area a range of approximately 7,200 to 10,000 square meters

Tennis Court

A tennis court is 78ft (23.77m) in length. The courts used for singles matches are 27ft (8.23m) wide, while doubles courts are 36ft (10.97m) wide. The court's service line is 21ft (6.4m) from the net.

Running Track

The established dimensions for a 400-meter running track, overseen by governing bodies such as the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the Olympics, and the NCAA, constitute the standard layout for such tracks.


  • 400 meters or 1,312.3 feet long (first lane)
  • The oval-shaped track is 176,91 meters long and 92,5 meters wide Usually, a 400-meter running track has 8 lanes of 1,22 meters wide (4 ft) and the track requires a total area of 157,092 square feet or 14,594 square meters

For other sizes visit our blog

For football and rugby pitches The lines must be of the same width which must not be more than (12cm) 5 inches.

For tennis courts the centre line and centre mark width is 50mm. The width of all other lines should not be less than 25mm nor more than 50mm.

Running track lines marking should be 50mm as a set size.

Cleaning your machine is dependent on the type of machine. The best practice for cleaning a machine is just after use, as the paint will still be wet and easier to remove. Aerosol and wheel transfer machines can be cleaned with water and soap, with any dried on residue being able to be removed with terps or paint solvent. Any thick build up can be chipped off, being careful to not damage the applicator. Pump and spray machines can be flushed through with water, and periodically with a manufacturer approved flush thru cleaner such as Zebra Flush Thru Cleaning Solution/

Our hard surface paints excel on both tarmac and concrete surfaces, offering versatility. We provide Acrylic line marker paint in aerosol and tin formats, ideal for various applications. For high-traffic areas, our heavy-duty line marking paint is a reliable choice. Additionally, we offer temporary paints, including chalk-based options, perfect for events as they can be easily washed away with water and a brush. Explore our extensive selection, including chlorinated rubber line paint designed for heavy-duty usage on metal, concrete, and tarmac surfaces.

Our grass line marking paint is offered in various sizes, available in both tins and aerosol cans. We supply a diverse selection of colors to suit your needs. Additionally, we carry green out white line masking paint, providing a convenient solution for covering existing lines.

Our line marking paint for artificial pitches and courts is conveniently available in both tins and aerosol cans. We offer a wide range of colors to choose from. Additionally, we carry green out white line masking paint, ideal for effectively covering existing lines.

We provide hard surface paints in an array of colors including Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, and Yellow.

Our grass marking and artificial grass marking paint comes in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, and Yellow variants.

Certainly, we do accept BACS payments. For assistance, please reach out to us at 0808 196 9382.

Yes, you are welcome to open a trade account. For assistance with the process, please contact us at 0808 196 9382.

Our delivery terms are as follow:

UK Mainland Delivery

Our delivery charges depend on both the combined weight and dimensions of your parcel(s), as well as your postcode. Typically, deliveries to UK mainland addresses for in-stock items are scheduled for the next working day if ordered before noon. For urgent deliveries, kindly contact us to confirm stock availability and estimated delivery times for any item showcased on our website. Standard delivery operates from Monday to Friday. If you wish to schedule a Saturday delivery, please contact us in advance to arrange this and note that additional postage fees may apply. Please be advised that a signature upon delivery is mandatory.

Outside of the UK Mainland

Should your delivery destination fall beyond the UK mainland, such as Northern Ireland, the Scottish Islands & Highlands, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, or the Channel Islands, we kindly ask you to reach out to us for a shipping quote prior to placing your order. Please note that a signature upon delivery is necessary.

Export Delivery

If you need products for export from the UK to any destination worldwide, please get in touch with us either by phone or email to request a quotation before making your purchase.

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The more you purchase of the same item, the greater the savings on many of our products. Please refer to each specific product for additional information.

At Line Marker Paint, we provide stencils for various purposes such as letters, numbers, arrows, pedestrian indicators, disabled parking, and hazardous area floor markings.

  • Additionally, we offer convenient kits tailored to specific needs:
  • Our car parking kits encompass parking, stop, disabled, as well as letters and numbers stencils for line marking
  • For pallet bay floor marking, we offer kits containing corner stencils, crosshair stencils, and various other shapes and symbols for line marking
  • Our industrial floor marking stencil kit includes stencils for forklift trucks, footprints, pallet positions, arrows, pedestrian pathways, and a meeting point line marking symbol
  • Our City Line Marking Stencil Kit includes a disabled symbol, arrow, electric car and electric charging point, bicycle lane, assembly point, pedestrian silhouette and a stop line marking symbol

We offer GPS Line Marking Machines utilizing advanced GPS and robotic technology, streamlining workflows for precise line marking on grass and turf fields with absolute accuracy, ensuring efficiency.

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