Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating

5 Litres (7 Colours)
£68.40 (inc VAT)
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  • Made In The UK
  • Anti-Slip Properties
  • Blend of Thermo-acrylic & Polyurethane Resins
  • Suitable For High Traffic Areas
  • Flexibile, Long-lasting & Durable Finish
  • Touch Dry in Two Hours

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Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating has a blend of high quality, thermo-acrylic and polyurethane resins, which result in a heavy-duty coating that offers excellent protection for high traffic areas.

The paint is elastomeric, offering high levels of flexibility for a long-lasting and durable finish.

Ideal for areas that are subjected to frequent heavy use like car parks, stairs, walkways, high traffic public areas, industrial work areas and more.

The floor coating contains Dolomite stone to provide anti-slip properties. This product has a very fine textured, almost smooth, finish. Suitable for external areas such as driveways, pavements and balconies.

Before application, the surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt, grease and oil.

Touch dry within two hours. Re-coating ccan take place after 24 hours.

Theoretical spreading rate is 10-12 sq.metres per litre.

Sold in 5 litre tins.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.


Sealing/Priming: It is only necessary to seal a porous substrate such as new or bare concrete. A sealer coat is achieved by adding 10 per cent HD Thinner to the paint. Please note new concrete floors can only be painted after 6-8 weeks.
Area of use: Internal and External
Substrates: Concrete, Stone, Tarmac & Asphalt (if suitably aged), Ferrous Metals, Wood
Colour: Red, Grey, Green, Blue, Black and Safety Yellow
Finish: Satin
Volume solids: 55%
Theoretical spreading rate: 10 - 12 sq.metres per litre*
Flash point: 42ºC
Specific gravity: 1.22
Dry to touch: 2 Hours
Over-coating time: 24 Hours
Application method: Brush or Roller
Thinner: HD Thinners
Cleaning of tools: HD Thinners
Surface Condition: The surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt, grease and oil.
*The theoretical spreading rate has been calculated for the stated volume solids and dry film thickness. A practical spreading rate will depend on the actual dry film thickness, the nature of the substrate, and the relevant consumption factor. The physical constants are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.


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  • Excellent

    Very professional looking finish.

  • Would recommend

    Flag do make good stuff - I would recommend the Elastomeric floor coating. Good coverage and really nice finish.

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