Flag Anti Climb Paint

5 Litres (Black)
£39.90 (inc VAT)
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- Made in the UK
- Helps To Prevent Intruders
- Thick Glutinous Coating
- Remains Slippery Indefinitely
- Difficult To Remove From Clothing


Flag Anti-Climb Security Paint has a thick glutinous coating that makes it ideal for deterring intruders.

In appearance, it is similar to smooth gloss paint when applied.

However, it remains slippery indefinitely to prevent any intruder from gaining a foothold. It is very difficult to remove from clothing.

Anti-climb paint continues to work in hot or cold weather conditions, adhering to the surfaces to which it is applied.

Before application, the surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt, grease and oil.

Manufactured in the UK, this paint has a theoretical spreading rate of 2.5 litres per sq. metre.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Note: As a lawful requirement, do not apply under 2m height. Users must erect a warning sign after anti-climb has been applied. You can add one to your order by click the tick box above.


Area of use: Exterior
Substrates: Brick, Cement, Wood, Metal, Roof Tiles and most Building Materials.
Colour: Black
Finish: Semi gloss
Volume solids: 46%
Theoretical spreading rate: 2.5 litres per sq. metre*
Thickness: 2 – 3 mm
Flash point: 38°C
Specific gravity: 1.10
Application: Stiff Brush, Trowel or by hand wearing protective gloves. Thinner: White Spirit
Cleaning of tools: White Spirit
Surface condition: The surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, dirt, grease and oil.
*The theoretical spreading rate has been calculated for the stated volume solids and dry film thickness. A practical spreading rate will depend on the actual dry film thickness, the nature of the substrate, and the relevant consumption factor. The physical constants are subject to normalm manufacturing tolerances.


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