Car Park Line Marking Paint

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We have an extensive range of car park line marking paint available online, including paint tins & aerosol cans that you can apply manually & paint for line marking machines. Our versatile range offers permanent & temporary solutions for painting roads, car parks, walkways & more with bright, line markings that offer excellent visibility.


Car Park Line Marking Paint

For marking roads, lots, zones & more

Car park line marking paint is designed to produce thick, clear line markings on road surfaces. Car parks should be designed and marked out to regulation criteria to prevent risk, injury, and congestion by separating parked and moving traffic, separating walkways from traffic routes, and providing non-slip surfaces. Well maintained demarcations also display professionalism and increase trust in the facility.

We have permanent acrylic, chlorinated rubber, and epoxy line marking paint for car parks. These paints produce sharp, highly visible lines to depict access and exits, traffic flow, parking bays, pedestrian routes, and more. You can apply permanent car park line marking paint to concrete, tarmac, asphalt and other smooth car park surfaces, indoors and outdoors. They offer incredible endurance to heavy traffic and weather conditions and do not damage or fade easily.

Car park marking paint is easy to apply. Our Zebra hard surface line marking paint is designed to be used with hard surface line marking machines, and it can produce incredibly accurate, crisp, smooth lines. Prosolve chlorinated rubber paint and Rocol Easyline epoxy paint can be applied with a roller or brush, with no need for specialist equipment. These paints cure quickly so that they are ready for traffic the same day.

We also have permanent aerosol paints and temporary line marking paint. Aerosols are quick and easy to apply and can be used free-hand or with a handheld applicator. They are fast-drying and do not require any mixing or preparation. Car park spray paints are ideal for line marking stencils, such as disabled bays, arrows, letters, and numbers. Temporary line marking paint is perfect for impromptu or short-term car parks, such as for events or emergencies. It can be applied quickly and will fade within four weeks, or you can wash it away after use.

Car park paint saves you time and money as it is easy to apply than using alternative paints. Using paint that is not intended for road marking applications means that you will have to reapply coatings more often. Specific car park line paint is long-lasting, robust, and highly pigmented so that it is brighter and more visible. We have white and yellow line marking paint for traditional car park lines, but we also supply a fantastic range of vibrant colours, such as red, orange, green, and blue.

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