Tikkurila Road Marking Paint

10 Litres (2 Colours)
£136.80 (inc VAT)
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  • Professional Road Marking Paint
  • Water-Based With Acrylic Resin
  • Extremely Fast-Drying
  • Perfect for Use on Asphalt & Bitumen
  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Apply By Roller, Brush or Spray
  • Sold in 10L Tins
  • Available in White & Yellow

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Tikkurila Road Marking Paint

Fast drying, professional road paint

Tikkurila Road Marking Paint is a robust and durable product that is ideal for asphalt and bitumen surfaces. It is a professional, traffic grade paint that you can use to install lines, crossings, lanes, and other demarcations on roads, car parks, loading bays, runways, and more.

This high-quality road paint cures quickly so that it is traffic ready with minimum downtime. Once dry, the finish is smooth, crisp, and incredibly resilient to traffic, weather, abrasion, and general wear. Tikkurila road marking paint is water-based and formulated using a special acrylic resin, offering flexibility and longevity.

Tikkurila road paint is suitable for professional application, and you can work with it easily using a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. We supply 10-litres cans of white or yellow paint, which are the two most common and the prescribed colours for proper road markings.


Technical Data
Can Size: 10 Litres
Coverage: Around 1-2 m2/L, depending on porosity of the surface
Solids Volume: Around 62 %
Density: Around 1.7 kg/L, ISO 2811
Thinner: Water
Application: Spray, brush or roller
Drying time at 23°C relative humidity of the air 50 %: Approximately 5-15 min.
(Drying time depends on relative humidity of the air, the temperature of the air, air flow and thinning of paint).
Finish: Matt
Colour Range: White / Yellow
Resistance - Weather: Good, Wear: Good
Storage & Transport: Protect from frost


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