Rugby Pitch Line Marking

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We have an excellent range of rugby pitch line marking machines and paint available online. Our versatile equipment is ideal for clubs of all levels, from rugby league & rugby union to small local sides & schools. Rugby pitch line markers are also suitable for all surfaces, including grass & artificial pitches.


Rugby Pitch Line Marking

Sports pitch marking equipment

We have different types of rugby pitch line marking machines suited to different experience levels and budgets. We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machines, and transfer wheel line markers. You can order the machine you need along with compatible fluid or spray paint. They are ideal for marking rugby fields and other sports grounds, such as football, cricket, Gaelic football, field hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, athletics, and more.

Line Marking Machines & Paint

Ideal for ground staff

We have a brilliant range of line marking machines and paint suitable for all level sports and surfaces, including grass and water-based, rubber crumb, sand dressed, sand filled, and 3G artificial pitches.

Spray line marking machines are modern, easy to use and effective spray line markers. They offer easy application, high-quality lines, and use much less paint than traditional pitch line markers. Some ground staff prefer wheel transfer pitch markers, as they provide excellent ease of use, and they have a long history in sports ground maintenance. We supply fluid line marking paint for these machines. It comes concentrated or ready to use and is easy to apply, durable, bright, and versatile.

We also supply aerosol line markers. These spray line marking machines offer a fast, clean, and straightforward way of marking a rugby pitch. We have a selection of aerosol line marking paints that are easy to apply, produce little mess, and offer a simple, budget-friendly option for bright, accurate pitch lines.

Rugby Pitch Line Markings

Rugby League

A rugby league pitch is between 112 and 122 metres long by 68 metres wide. The distance between try-lines is always 100 metres. Lines are going across the field, which marks every ten metres. An in-goal area extends six to eleven metres beyond each goal line.

Rugby Union

A rugby union pitch is between 106 and 144 metres long by 68 to 70 metres wide. The length from try line to try line varies between 94 and 100 metres, with a distance of 6 to 22 metres between the goal and dead-ball lines. Lines are painted at the dead-ball line, goal line, 22-metre line, 10-metre line (broken line) and halfway. There are also lines 5 metres away from the goal line and touchline and 15 metres away from the touchline.

The dimensions of a rugby league pitch fit within the parameters of a rugby union pitch. Often, different rugby clubs can share facilities, making professional and amateur pitches extremely versatile. The markings are traditionally white.