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Grassline Linear 2/4 Wheel Aerosol Line Marking Paint Applicator

For Grassline 750ml Spray Paints
£159.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Quality Aerosol Line Marker
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Made From Powder-coated Mild Steel
  • Simple Thumb Trigger
  • Use With 2 or 4 Wheels
  • Sprays a 50mm (2 Inch) Wide Line
  • Suitable Hard & Grass Surfaces
  • Designed For 750ml Aerosols

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Grassline Linear 2/4 Wheel Aerosol Line Marking Paint Applicator

Made in the UK from poweder-coated steel

Grassline Linear 2/4 Wheel Aerosol Line Marking Paint Applicator is a quality aerosol line marker made in the UK. It features a robust and durable powder-coated, mild steel frame with heavy-duty wheels that allow it to be rugged, sturdy, and lightweight. This versatile aerosol line marking machine is suitable for both hard and soft surfaces when marking car parks, sports pitches, event spaces, and more.

You can use the Grassline Linear applicator as a two-wheel device to mark curved lines or more detailed patterns. You can attach the rear wheels and use it as a four-wheel device when spraying straight lines that need to be sharp and precise. The rear wheels are connected by securing the back wheel adaptor to the handle using the two bolts.

The aerosol line marking paint applicator sprays a 50mm (2 inches) wide line as you push it along. The lines created are crisp, sharp, and bold. They are ideal for parking spaces, colour pitch lines for football, rugby, tennis, cricket, field hockey, and many other applications. It is easy to set up and use; you just insert the aerosol following the manufacturer's instructions and apply pressure to the thumb trigger to activate the spray.

Available in a Great Value Package Deal With Grassline Paint.


Weight: 16kg (boxed 16kg)
Dimensions 312 x 180 x 1210
Warranty: 6 months


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