Hockey Pitch Line Marking

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We have an excellent range of hockey line marking machines & paint available online. Our versatile equipment is ideal for marking field hockey & artificial pitch lines for clubs & sports centres of all levels. We have a superb selection of paint colours, including vibrant, traditional white, so that that lines stand out on any surface.


Hockey Pitch Line Marking

Crisp, bold pitch markings

Our hockey pitch line marking equipment allows you to mark out and maintain brilliant pitch lines that stand out. Our line marking machines and paints are suitable for field hockey and all types of artificial hockey pitches, such as sand-dressed, waster-based, and sand-filled surfaces. We have products that suit all levels, from professional clubs to sports centres and local community pitches. 

We supply spray line marking machinesaerosol line marking machines, and transfer wheel line markers with a massive fluid and spray paint range. Our versatile selection of line markers allows you to mark sharp and bright lines of a professional standard or quickly line out an accurate pitch for a casual match or training. Our line marking fluid paints and aerosols are fast drying, durable, and bold. They are ensured to last throughout tough games and bad weather. We supply lots of different colours so that you can make your pitch unique or allow it to stand out in any conditions. For traditional hockey pitches, FIH currently specifies that the field of play should be a uniform shade of green or dark blue, with white line markings.

Hockey Pitch Line Markings

Hockey pitches are rectangular, with sidelines measuring 91.4 metres and backlines measuring 55 metres. Three 55 metre lines span the width of the pitch, including the halfway line, and they split the ground into four equal sections. There are penalty corner defenders' and attackers' markers at 5 metres and 10 metres on either side from the centre of the backline, and a long corner attackers' markers along the sidelines, at 5 metres from the backline.

The striking circle consists of a straight 3.66-metre line that is 14.63 metres into the pitch and parallel to the goal. The D is completed by two quadrant arcs, each with a radius of 14.63 metres, and run from the straight line to the backline. The penalty spot is marked directly in front of the goal, 6.4 metres away, and the penalty corner dotted line sits 5 metres outside the striking circle.