Thermoplastic Line Marking

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Thermoplastic line marking offers a bright, accurate, robust and easy to use line marking solution for car parks, roads, playgrounds, sports courts and more. Thermoplastic line marker tape can be rolled out and melted on to the ground quickly and easily with a thermoplastic line marking gas torch. It offers durable, long lasting lines and a fast turnaround time - as the surface is ready to use again within minutes.


Thermoplastic Line Marking

Crisp, accurate & durable lines for car parks, roads & more

Thermoplastic line marking offers a simple, accurate and durable option for car park and road line marking. Thermoplastic line marking tape comes in rolls that can be laid out over the tarmac, asphalt or concrete surface, cut to size if required, and then melted on to the ground with a thermoplastic line marking gas torch. The tape offers bright, colourful and durable lines, with crisp edges. It offers extreme resistance to sunlight, water, oil, petrol, salt and adverse weathering from rain, snow and ice. Thermoplastic road marking tape can be applied even in colder weather - simply warm the ground before application using the gas torch. Once applied, the lines are ready to use within minutes, so it is a great option when fast turnaround time is required.

Our thermoplastic line marking tape comes in boxes of 8 x 5m rolls. So each box offers 40m of lines. The rolls are 10cm wide and come in either white or yellow. We also offer a primer tack spray, for application to the substrate to ensure excellent adhesion, as well as a thermoplastic line marking gas torch. We offer a complete thermoplastic line marking kit which gives you 50 x white thermplastic line marking rolls, 10 x yellow thermoplastic line marking rolles, 6 x 750ml primer spray cans and a gas torch together at a reduced price.

Best Uses of Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape

Our thermoplastic line marking tape is ideal for road marking on highways, cycle lanes, footpaths, airports and ports. It is also perfect for car park line marking, playground line marking and sports pitch & court line marking on hard surfaces.

Our thermoplastic marking tape meets the following International standards:

- BS EN 1790, BS EN 1436, BS EN 1871, AASHTO and FHWA

- BASt certification at P7 level of 4 million wheel-overs

Application of Thermoplastic Road Markings

Before application of thermoplastic lines, sweep the area to clear debris.

Our thermoplastic line marking tape is designed to be applied directly to completely dry asphalt / tarmac surfaces without any other preparation. Though it is best to apply a primer tack coat prior to application if:

- It is being applied onto concrete or block paved surfaces
- It is being applied on to particularly old or worn bituminous road surfaces
- If stone / aggregate is visible in the surface - as this is a sign that the bitumen is very low

Thermoplastic line marking tape should be applied using only a thermoplastic gas torch. It should not be applied using a plumbers’ gas torch.

Once applied, the thermoplastic road lines are ready for use in just 5-10 minutes. Thermoplastic tape can be applied all year round, even in cold conditions. When the temperature is below 10°C, it is best to heat the tarmac surface with the gas torch first, before applying the thermoplastic tape. If the surface is wet, it should also be dried with the gas torch before application.

Please note: Thermoplastic tape should not be applied over existing lines. Any existing lines need to be removed before application.