Express Hornet Gas Torch Kit

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  • Self-Ignition
  • Instant Start & Stop
  • Two-Stage Power Trigger
  • Straight or Cranked Burner
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-Release Hose
  • Burner Support
  • Torch, Hose & Regulator Included


Self-Ignition: The Piezo self-ignition trigger removes the need for a safety spark lighter, ensuring safety, speed, and convenience.

Instant Start & Stop: With the trigger starting and stopping the flame immediately, you waste less gas, less time, and there are fewer health and safety risks.

Two-Stage Trigger: You can use the torch with different power levels with ease using the multi-stage trigger.

Straight or Cranked Burner: You have the option of ordering your Express Hornet gas torch with a straight or cranked burner to suit your application.

Clip-On Burner System: The burner simply clicks on to the gas torch gun. There are lock, unlock and live positions to ensure safety and practical storage.

Quick Release Hose Connector: The connection between the gas torch and gas hose is designed so you can attach and remove the coupling quickly and without effort for maximum ease of use.

Burner Support: The burner comes with a support bracket attached, allowing you to rest it on the ground safely and without risking damage to the equipment.


Express Hornet Gas Torch Kit

Applies Thermoplastic Markings With Ease

The Express Hornet gas torch kit is ideal for preformed thermoplastic road marking. You can use it for applying floor and road markings for highways, car parks, warehouses, and more.

The Hornet propane torch delivers 4 bar/58PSI gas pressure and a heat level of 162kW. The specifications are suitable for professional thermoplastic marking with realiable results. As the gun has a Piezo self-ignition trigger that offers an instant stop and start of the flame and a two-stage trigger, you can use it with precision. It also means that you waste less gas, and there are fewer risks, making the kit economical and safe to use.

This kit also features a regulator and a 10-metre rubber hose. You screw the regulator onto gas bottles and secure it with a spanner, but the hose has a quick release connection, so you simple push and click it onto the torch gun. The burner is also easy to connect, featuring a clip-on system with lock, unlock, and live positions ensuring safety and practicality during storage and transport.

You can order the Express Hornet gas torch kit with a straight or cranked burner to suit your application.


Overall Length: 700mm
Weight: 0.4kg
Burner Diameter: 50mm
Gas Pressure: 4 bar/58 PSI
Gas Consumption: 11.8 Kg/h
Heat Power: 162 kW
Sound Level: 81 dBA
Powered On: Propane Gas

What's In The Box

Express Hornet Gas Torch
500mm Straight Burner
10m Hose


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