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Magma ThermaBand R172 HAPAS Overbanding Tape

Box of 8 Rolls (35mm x 5m)
£130.42 (inc VAT)
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  • Made From Preformed Thermoplastic
  • BBA HAPAS Approved
  • Asphalt Surfaces Applications
  • Great Flexibility
  • Excellent Durability
  • Anti-Skid Treatment
  • Quick & Easy To Lay
  • Minimal Downtime
  • No Specialist Equipment Involved
  • Ideal For Motroways & Car Parks

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BBA HAPAS Approved: The Magma ThermaBand R172 HAPAS Overbanding Tape is a BBA HAPAS (Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme) approved product, ensuring its reliability and compliance with industry standards.

Frost Damage Prevention: Made from preformed thermoplastic, the overbanding tape successfully prevents frost damage due to water ingress through joints. It creates a secure seal, keeping water out and protecting the asphalt surface. This tape is suitable for use on motorways and car parks, providing a durable and long-lasting solution for overbanding cracks and joints. 

Flexibility in Cooler Conditions: The Advanced Plus formulation of the ThermaBand R172 allows it to retain flexibility even in cooler conditions. This means the tape won't crack or become brittle, providing long-lasting performance throughout various weather conditions.

Economic Overbanding Solution: The ThermaBand tape offers an economic solution for overbanding requirements. It is a cost-effective option compared to alternative methods, helping to save on maintenance and repair expenses.

Easy Application: The R172 tape is designed for quick and easy application, ensuring efficiency during installation. It eliminates the need for specialist boilers or complicated equipment, simplifying the process and reducing associated risks.

Anti-Skid Technology: The tape features an anti-skid treatment embedded into the surface. This enhances road safety by providing improved traction, reducing the risk of skidding and improving vehicle grip.

Minimal Downtime: Once applied, it can be trafficked quickly, minimising road closure times. This allows for a faster resumption of normal traffic flow and reduces disruption to road users.

Size Availability: The R172 overbanding tape is available in 35mm x 5m. It is offered in a box of 8 rolls, providing ample supply for larger projects. 


Magma ThermaBand R172 HAPAS Overbanding Tape

A durable & compliant tape that ensures the safety of road users

The Magma ThermaBand R172 HAPAS Overbanding Tape is the ultimate solution for sealing joints in asphalt surfaces. Made from preformed thermoplastic, this overbanding tape effectively prevents water ingress, avoiding cracks and holes from spreading. Its durability is ideal for applications on roads. It is suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you're working on motorways or car parks, this premium-grade HAPAS approved overbanding tape is the ideal choice.  

Designed to meet the highest standards in the industry, the ThermaBand R172 is BBA HAPAS approved, ensuring its reliability and compliance. By utilising overbanding, this tape acts as a protective barrier, preventing frost damage caused by water infiltrating through joints. It retains flexibility even in cooler conditions, making it highly resistant to cracking or brittleness. 

Safety is a top priority, which is why the R172 tape incorporates an anti-skid treatment right into its surface. This embedded technology enhances traction, reducing the risk of skidding and improving vehicle grip, ensuring a safer road for everyone. When it comes to minimising road closure times, the ThermaBand tape shines. Once applied, it can be trafficked very quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to road users. This feature enables smoother traffic flow, reducing inconveniences and maximising efficiency. 

The Magma overbanding tape features quick and easy application. You won't need specialist boilers or complicated equipment, simplifying the process and reducing associated risks. This tape is easily laid and delivers long-lasting durability that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a cost-effective solution for road maintenance.  

With its impressive features and benefits, the HAPAS approved tape is an economical way to achieve effective overbanding. This tape provides a cost-effective solution that meets strict standards, allowing you to save on time, costly repairs or maintenance expenses. 

For optimal results, the ThermaBand R172 works well with products such as the Single Head Gas Torch Kit and the Express Hornet Gas Torch Kit. Pairing these compatible products will enhance your overall application process and deliver exceptional results.

The tape is available in a convenient size of 35mm x 5m. Each roll is carefully crafted to meet your specific needs when sealing joints in asphalt surfaces. To ensure you have an ample supply for larger projects, the tape is offered in a box containing 8 rolls. This generous quantity allows you to tackle extensive applications with ease, ensuring you have enough tape to complete your project efficiently.


The product should not be trafficked until it has cooled to the temperature of the surface it is laid on.

Available in 5 metre rolls at a 35mm width

Aftercare or Maintenance:
No aftercare or maintenance required.

Storage and Packaging:
Storage Conditions:
Storage conditions: Storage area should be dry, protected from
direct sunlight and extremes of temperature - i.e. between 50C and
Shelf Life:
Minimum 12 months when stored under cover, in original unopened
boxes, in accordance with storage condition guidelines listed above.
Sizes Available:
35mm x 5m (9 rolls/box)


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