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Safety Grip Non Slip Tape

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- Offers Improved Safety from Slips, Trips, and Falls.
- Great Slip Resistance
- Adheres to Almost any Surface Including Concrete, Metal, Wood
- Quick to Apply by Hand, Instantly Effective
- Durable and Hard-Wearing


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Safety Grip Tape for floor marking - The Perfect Non-Slip Tape

A durable, super quick to apply, highly effective, and long-lasting, nonslip safety grip tape for floor marking.

This great safety grip solution gives good slip resistance and will adhere to almost any surface including concrete, metal, wood. The tape can be applied onto most surfaces and will instantly provide high-quality, anti-slip protection.

Our non-slip tape is also water-resistant, unlike many other non-slip floor marking tapes on the market today, meaning it can be used indoors, outdoors and in domestic or commercial environments. The tape helps improve safety from slips, trips, and falls and contains a 60 GRIT aluminum oxide surface, an abrasive coating that provides excellent levels of grip and friction. This safety grip tape is often used to cover walkways, ramps and stairs/steps. It is available in a number of different colours and sizes and is a cost-effective and efficient way to create safety marking.


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